Cancel Reservation for Muslims, Christians and Transfer it to Panchamasali Lingayats: K’taka BJP MLA


HUBBALLI – Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad on Tuesday reiterated his demand to the BJP government to cancel the reservation given to Muslims and Christians in the state. He demanded that the reservation quota should be given to the Panchamasali Lingayats.

Welcoming the move by the state government to enhance the reservation for the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Communities, he slammed the Congress for bringing religion based reservations.

Because of the Congress government’s decision, Muslims are getting reservation facilities under both 2 A and 2 B categories. This should be cancelled and the same should be given to Panchamasali Lingayats who have been agitating for a long time demanding reservation, he said.

“I congratulate the BJP government for fulfilling demands pending for decades by oppressed classes. At the same time, many other backward communities are demanding reservation in the state. The Maratha community is asking for reservation under 2A category.

“Gowda Lingayats, Malle Gowdru, Deeksharu come under Panchamasali Lingayat sub sect across the state, they are demanding reservation. The Koodu Vokkaliga community is also demanding reservation under 2A category.

“The Ganga community, Kuruba community are also asking for reservation under different categories. This is the time to address these demands,” Bellad stated.

There is no need to enhance the percentage of reservation like it was done for SCs and STs. In the Other Backward Community (OBC) category, the reservation is given for those who are not OBCs, he explained.

“According to our constitution there is no reservation on the basis of religion. There is only a caste based reservation system. Then the Congress government has provided four per cent reservation for Muslims under 2 B category. Similarly, a few Muslims are also availing reservation under 2 A category,” Bellad said.

“They also get reservation in category 1. Likewise injustice has been done to OBCs over a period of time. The time has come to set right this injustice. The reservation given to Muslims should be withdrawn. The same should be provided to backward communities such as Panchamasali Lingayats,” he said.

The Maratha community has to be given reservation under 2A category. “I have confidence in the CM that he would take suitable decisions at an appropriate time,” he said.

Karnataka Congress president D K Shivakumar has stated that he would react if Chief Minister Bommai made any statement in this regard. -IANS

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