CAA will Destroy Secular India; Not Just Issue for Muslims but for All: Kerala Church

Syro Malabar Catholic Church

Thiruvananthapuram (IANS) – The Kerala Latin Catholic Church on the occasion of Republic Day read out a pastoral letter in all their churches in the state which said that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was not just an issue for Muslims, but for all, and that it will destroy the secular character of India.

The pastoral letter addressed by the bishop was read out by the parish vicar, who conducted the Sunday mass to its laity.

“CAA is not just an issue for Muslims but for all, which will destroy the secular credentials of our country. If we follow the statements of the leaders who rule the country and of those who follow these leaders, it’s very clear that we will lose our secular credentials,” read the letter.

“To protect our Constitution and to uphold the secular credentials of our country, we all should be in the forefront,” read the letter.

Archbishop Soosapakiam said that the Constitution includes the basics of the gospel and hence it is the duty of every believer to protect it.

After the mass, the tricolour was hoisted and the preamble of the Constitution was read out along with an oath to protect the Constitution.

The Kerala Latin Church is one of the three Kerala Catholic Churches that owes its allegiance to the Vatican and the members of the church are found in large numbers in the coastal areas of the state.


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