CAA: Part of Conspiracy to Curtail Fundamental Rights of Minorities

Various organisations on Monday organised ‘Young India March’ from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar, in New Delhi.

Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit says PM Modi and HM Shah have hidden motives behind CAA

Mohd. Aasif | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI — “Narendra Modi and Amit Shah want to create an impression that Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh and the Taliban of Afghanistan are one and the same.” So stated Congress leader and former MP, Sandeep Dikshit at an event here. The inclusion of Afghanistan in the Citizenship Amendment Act was thus a ‘sham’, as it helped draw in the imagery of Taliban. “The PM and Shah want to draw an analogy between Muslims and Afghanistan.”

While explaining the reason behind not using the word ‘persecuted minority’ in the law, Dikshit said, “Those running this government do not look at citizenship from the point of view of principles, but on the basis of religion.”

Amid protests against the CAA, the nationwide NRC and NPR, a ‘Young India March’ was organised by various organisations on Monday from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar. Protesters reciting the poem, “We will not show papers…” (Hum Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge), with bands on their foreheads which read ‘No NRC, No CAA and No NPR’, and wearing hats of tricolor, distributed leaflets and literature about the harm the new law could spell for the nation and its people.

Slogans were raised in different languages. Mohd Safavan, a Jamia student, said their slogans in Malayalam meant that the youth are in-charge of the nation. A few physically challenged individuals too joined the rally. Shaurya, a physically challenged who rode a motor wheelchair, found the nature of the law exclusionary, which contradicted the “inclusionary” nature of the Constitution.

The Constitution occupied the center-stage at the protest rally. Nizam who hails from Uttarakhand, holding a copy of the Constitution and a lawyer by profession, accused the Modi government of being Majoritarian. He said, “The government is professing Majoritarianism in the name of democracy.”


Most of the people found this law a part of a conspiracy to curtail the fundamental rights of the minorities. Identifying the concept of a true democracy, Madhu Prasad said free flow of democracy also meant ensuring the safety of the minorities. “The government wants to have complete control over the lives of the people with a view to imposing a Hindutva supremacy over the nation,” she said. She also forewarned that the large numbers of people who would be put in NRC detention centers will be exploited as cheap labourers.

“The canvas of the new law covers a larger area. The law threatens a large section of the society, not just Muslims,” said Hamid Husain, assistant professor of Zakir Husain College, Delhi.


Zakir Husain said this law must also be seen as a conspiracy to vacate tribals from the mineral-rich lands. This would be easy through CAA now, as such people never carried any document vis-à-vis their residency. Furthermore, quoting Hindutva ideologue MS Golvalkar, Dr. Hasan said, “They want to start a civil war with a view to ultimately establishing a Brahmanical society.”

Fauziya, student of Jamia, said, “They conspire to curtail the reservations for Dalits and exile the Muslims from the country.”

On the issue of Dalits, Professor Ratan Lal said that the affection being expressed by Narendra Modi for Dalits was simply an “eyewash”. He noted that the Dalits too were fighting against the CAA”. The intention of the government was suspect. “The government thought of making this fight a communal one, but it became a government versus people fight,” he said.


Asking people for their private information on the one hand, and denying the information on the NRC, showed the double standard of the government. Activist Umar Khalid, who was once implicated in a sedition case, said, “The government is not transparent. It has amended the right to information act, and yet demands of its citizens to be transparent about their personal lives.”

“The Supreme Court gives a lot of hope to the people protesting against the draconian citizenship amendment act. I don’t want to speculate on the coming verdict of the Supreme Court. Protests will continue in case the decision is not favourable to us,” added Umar.


“A law on identifying illegals is necessary. The government talks of nationwide NRC to find illegal immigrants, but this aim can be achieved without this new law. We have identified 82,000 illegal immigrants during the UPA government,” said Sandeep Dikshit.

Rejecting allegations that the Congress ‘sponsored’ the movement against citizenship law, Dikshit said, “People have read, understood and then chosen to oppose this law.” It was quite impossible to speculate on the fate of this movement. However, the struggle is inevitable. We have no confusion that we have to fight this government for the next four years,” said Prof. Ratan Lal.


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