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Bulldozer Action: 400 Bengali-Origin Muslim Families Displaced in Assam

The government’s eviction drive leaves thousands homeless in Dareng District

Team Clarion

GUWAHATI – Authorities evicted around 400 Muslim families of Bengali origin, bulldozing their makeshift homes on the sandy banks of Brahmaputra in Sepajhar, Dareng district on Monday. This operation left hundreds, including women and children, without shelter.

According to media reports, the affected families are the same ones whose homes were demolished in September 2021. At that time, government estimates stated that 1,418 houses, 48 shops, and three mosques were destroyed, displacing approximately 7,000 people.

One resident, wishing to remain anonymous, said vacation notices were issued on Saturday. “By Monday, our homes were gone. We have nowhere to go now,” he said with tears rolling up in his eyes.

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