Bob’s Banter: Watching Kejriwal’s Watch


AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal…it’s all in his watch!


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]S one sees Delhi’s chief minister doing the most unbecoming things expected from the head of the capital of India, one must understand few people know the cause: “It’s all in his watch,” said a watch repairer from Connaught Place.

“Winding watch or automatic?” I asked.

“Let’s not go there yet, “ said the watch repairer impressed I knew so much about watches though I could see respect in his eyes, for the immense knowledge on watches I had.

“So what’s with his watch?”

“It stopped!” said the watch repairer quietly, “What happens when a person’s watch stops?”

“He’s stuck where his watch hands are stuck!” I said.

“You are a clever man sir! If you ever need a job you can have this fellow’s over here ” he said pointing to his assistant. “Yes, Kejriwal is stuck in the time before he became Chief Minister!”

“Even his Republic Day attire was that of a common man!” I said as the assistant stared at me furiously. “Poor man must be thinking he is still an activist..”

“Or anarchist!”

“Or undertaking a fast with Anna Hazare!” I said. “It’s all in the stopped watch!”

“If the rest of the Press was as intelligent as you sir, we would have a more powerful fourth estate in India,” said the watch repairer as his assistant looked ready to cut my throat.

“I wonder why he doesn’t give it for repair?” I asked.

“He has,” said the watch repairer, “This is it!”

“Check when it stopped!” I said eagerly, “Then we will know where Kejriwal’s mind is now. What are the hands showing?”

“There are no hands!”

“Just put another pair of hands!” I said impatiently, “And the machine will start working!”

“I can’t,” said the watch repairer, “No machine inside!”

“So we don’t know where Kejriwal  is stuck!” said the assistant to the watch repairer as the owner patted him on the back, “And the watch is not Indian!”

“My assistant thinks the watch is from the French Revolution!” said the repairer smiling at his assistant.

“Which explains his fight with the police, the press and the government,” said the assistant, “It could be the guillotine for many soon and since we work with wheels and springs we are sure to get the guillotine repairing contract!” said his assistant, “If you will step inside we can have a trial!”

I fled as I saw his evil look, it was certainly not the best of times.

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