BJP’s ideology is to Break All Other Parties in the Country: JD-U Chief


PATNA — JD-U national President Lalan Singh on Thursday alleged that BJP has an ideology of breaking all parties of the opposition camp to rule the country.

His statement came a day after his party’s Nagaland unit chief and sole MLA announced unconditional support to BJP.

“BJP has doing this in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur in the past and it has done again in Nagaland,” Singh said.

“They have broken the opposition’s governments in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and they also tried in Bihar, but we foiled their intentions in Bihar.”

Lalan Singh said that as JD-U’s sole MLA, without consultation with the party’s top leadership, has given unconditional support to BJP, the party has dissolved the Nagaland unit and will conduct a fresh election for the party leadership. — IANS


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