BJP Will Not Get a Single Vote on Ram Mandir: Prashant Kishor Says Brand ‘Modi’ is Facing Challenges From People


While taking a sharp aim at PM Narendra Modi, he said that the Modi may not face any challenge from the opposition parties but he will definitely face the wrath of people of this country.

Political strategist Prashant Kishor recently said that BJP will not even get a single vote in the name of Ram mandir. “Ram Mandir is a big issue for BJP supporters. I didn’t find anyone who was not giving the BJP vote in the name of Ram mandir earlier and will vote based on it today…there’s no incremental benefit,”  he said in an interview with RTV Andhra Pradesh earlier this week.

While taking a sharp aim at PM Narendra Modi, he said that the Modi may not face any challenge from the opposition parties but he will definitely face the wrath of people of this country, reported Business Today.

“People are seeing in this election that brand Modi is not invincible. It’s not like no one can challenge him. People are giving him a challenge, whether a political party or a leader challenges him or not,” Kishor added.

He mentioned that opposition parties or their alliances might be weak, but the opposition from the people in the country is not weak.

“In a country where more than 60 crore people don’t earn more than Rs 100 per day, there the Opposition against the government can never be weakened. Never make that mistake,” Prashant Kishor said. 

He further backed his arguments with numbers and data. Kishor said, “Nobody here [India] gets 50 percent votes. In simple terms, if 100 people vote, only 40 support PM Modi, his ideology, his work, Hindutva, Ram Mandir, Article 370 – this collectively, only 40 people are happy and 60-62 are unhappy.”

He said that PM Modi and BJP are definitely facing a challenge in this election.

“…rural distress is a major issue in the country…even after this if BJP is winning, that means the opposition parties are not strong enough or reliable.”

“…but that doesn’t mean that every person of this country is happy with” the Modi government,” the political strategist added.

Kishor pointed out that Prime Minister Modi’s power as a “brand” has only declined in 2024 elections as compared to the 2014 elections.

He said, “In 2024, people are feeling that there’s no one else to vote for… Brand Modi is weakening…the power of brand Modi is declining in comparison to what was seen in 2014 and 2019.”

Earlier in 2014, there was a sense of ‘excitement’ among BJP voters and in 2019, people anticipated that the party must get five more years for developing the nation.

“There was a large section of people who believed in 2014 that the country will transform if Modi comes to power,” the strategist said.

But people in 2024 are also in a dilemma saying, “ab kya karen, koi doosra hai nahi to vote inhi ko dena padega [What shall we do, there’s no one else so let’s vote for him only]…there’s a change in narrative,” Kishor said.  “The excitement among people have declined,” he said.

“Between 2014 and 2019, the BJP’s under-performance in all the assembly polls as compared to the Lok Sabha polls was 3 percentage points – this means if the BJP got 40 percent votes in a state Lok Sabha polls, the party received 37 percent votes in that state’s assembly elections…This under-performance has now increased to 9-10 percent between 2019 and 2024,” Kishor said. 

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