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BJP ‘Scripting’ Central Agencies’ Charge Sheet Contents in West Bengal: Trinamool

KOLKATA — The Trinamool Congress in West Bengal on Wednesday accused the BJP of misusing its power and pressuring the central agencies to draft charge sheets that can be later used to unleash “false” campaigns against party leaders.

It comes in the wake of central agencies increasingly naming ruling party leaders in various scams.

Party state general secretary and the party spokesman in West Bengal, Kunal Ghosh has taken the first initiative on this count. According to him, BJP is pressuring the central agencies to write something in the charge sheet which can be used by the party to unleash false campaigns and cheap politics.

However, he claimed that all these fake claims would prove to be baseless once the trials conclude. Ghosh has pointed out that charge sheets are mere submissions by the central agencies concerned and not necessarily proof of charges mentioned there. “BJP is trying to misuse this,” he said.

For quite some time Trinamool Congress leadership had been contending that the central agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) are working at the behest of BJP. But this is for the first time that any leader of the ruling party of the state has made a serious allegation that the contents of the chargesheets are being drafted under the pressure of BJP.

Reacting to such allegations, senior BJP leader and the party’s former national secretary, Rahul Sinha said that track records of the Trinamool Congress leaders substantiate the charges framed against them. “The CBI probes are being conducted following the orders of the Calcutta High Court and in certain cases the probe processes are court-monitored. What is revealed in the courts on a daily basis proves the graveness of the corruption committed,” he said. — IANS

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