BJP, Narendra Modi and their NRI supporters


bjpA report from Faraz

There is one thing I find peculiar about the BJP/Narendra Modi and his NRI supporters. These NRI variety keep lecturing us on how we should live in our country and who we should vote and choose as our leader. Of course it pleases immensely people like Narendra Modi and generally most BJP leaders when this crowd, which dominates the social media plugs for Modi, Sadly nobody seems to mind their meddling in our country.

Actually BJP has all along had a good deal of support among this NRI variety. But who are these guys, by the way? They are those who fled this country for the lure of big money and comfortable lifestyle, when we were all struggling hard here to improve our lot and our nation’s as well.

The BJP questions Muslim affinity with Pakistan and I agree with the BJP. Indian Muslims should not have any affinity with Pakistan, nor do the Pakistanis have a right to question anything happening in India and vice versa. 

Fair enough. 

Most Muslims who left their homeland to migrate, did so largely for better opportunities. It is another thing that not even a small percentage actually benefited from this migration. 

But once there the Jana Sangh and the BJP have been arguing that they have no business to look back and question how India is run. Nor is there any reason for the Indian Muslims to look across the border.

But does this apply only to Muslims? What about all those BJP/VHP sympathisers who migrated to England and the USA in the 1960s, 70s and even later. Every Winter vacation they would come to India and flaunt their wealth, the clothes they wore, the cars they drove and the dream homes they lived in to us the poor cousins and we poor fellows would gape apologetically at them. However the BJP/Jana Sangh found never anything amoral about this.

On the other hand they consistently approached them for support and ran to London and New York to set up friends of Jana Sangh/BJP in the aftermath of Emergency, as they were to be our saviours. But why?

And now again while Rajnath went dashing to the USA, Modi is anxiously awaiting the day he gets a visa for London and New York.

I wonder why does it not embarrass this so-called ‘Hindu nationalist’ Narendra Modi and his party the BJP, why they dont hold their heads in shame when the NRIs on social media go around lobbying for Modi. How can such a person claim to be a Hindu nationalist?

And as for those NRI worthies, now that they have chosen USA or England or wherever their homeland, they should get involved and take serious interests in the politics and development of that nation, instead of looking back at India.

And my advice to the countries where these people are living, be it the USA or UK or any other West European nation, all such imported citizens, if they turn back and look at their nation of origin with undue interest, be it Pakistan, or Bangladesh or an Arab land or India, all such people ought to be repatriated immediately to their nation of origin, without the riches they have acquired there.

I guarantee all the Jihad there and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad would vanish in no time.

But then those guys have a different agenda, they nurture such elements and outfits and these elements thrive on such nurturing. Only such elements be they there or here have no business to swear by the defence of Islam in Muslim countries or call themselves Hindu nationalists here.

(Faraz Ahmad is a Freelance journalist with past association with several national dailies.)

****Courtesy Ummid****


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