BJP Hell-Bent on Changing Constitution: Priyanka Gandhi


Priyanka said that If BJP come to power again, they will change the Constitution and cut down on reservations. They weakened democracy in the last 10 years, as well as institutions like Parliament and judiciary

RANCHI — Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday alleged that the BJP-led central government was hell-bent on changing the Constitution, and it has weakened institutions like Parliament and judiciary in the last 10 years.

Addressing back to back rallies at Godda and Ranchi, Vadra also claimed that all those who opposed the Centre’s policies were being victimised, reported PTI.

“If they (the BJP) come to power again, they will change the Constitution and cut down on reservations. They weakened democracy in the last 10 years, as well as institutions like Parliament and judiciary,” she alleged.

All major institutions in the country like IIM, IIT, ISRO, DRDO, AIIMS are contributions of Congress, the Congress leader said.

Unlike the BJP government, the Congress’ policies are aimed at strengthening the rights of tribals, Vadra said at Godda.

“PM (Narendra) Modi put former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren behind bars in false cases and his wife Kalpana is fighting like a lioness… Earlier, debates were held in Parliament for framing laws, but now they (BJP leaders) attack the opposition,” the Congress leader said.

Kalpana Soren contested a by-poll from Gandey assembly seat held along with the Lok Sabha elections in the state.

Vadra also claimed that the prime minister took a “Rs 52 crore donation” from a firm that manufactures Covid vaccines.

“That vaccine is now causing reactions in people’s bodies; many have suddenly lost their lives at the gym or at work,” she said.

Vadra said the BJP thought of sailing through smoothly by putting Hemant Soren behind bars, but instead, “The tribals have emerged stronger and are challenging the saffron party for its anti-tribal policies”.

“The BJP-led central government is framing policies for billionaires, and it has sold the nation’s assets like airports and ports to industrialists. It also waived Rs 16 lakh crore of several billionaires, but failed to provide any relief to farmers, who are dying by suicides,” she claimed.

Vadra alleged that capitalists are “eying your ‘Jal, Jungle and Jameen’ (water, forest and land)”, and Godda is an example of that, where the Adani Group has set up a mega power plant, but electricity is not available for the poor here.

“Your land, your water… has been given to PM’s billionaire friend Adani… this is BJP’s policy,” the Congress leader alleged.

She also claimed that 70 crore youths in the country were unemployed as the BJP handed over the country’s assets to capitalists.

Taking a jibe at BJP’s Godda candidate Nishikant Dubey without naming him, the Congress leader said he is never present in the area and remains “busy entertaining capitalists”.

She asserted that a government led by the Congress will work for women, farmers and the youth, who have been “all along neglected by the BJP”.

Later, addressing a rally in Ranchi in favour of Congress candidate Yashaswini Sahay, Vadra said PM Modi never forgets to take credit for missions like Chandrayaan 3, but no salary was given to engineers of Heavy Engineering Corporation that built its components.

“It is unfortunate that the mother industry like HEC is on the verge of closure,” she said.

Around 1,300 staff of Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), the PSU that builds launch pads for ISRO besides other strategic equipment, have not been paid their salaries for about two years.

She alleged that the Modi government was least bothered about price rise, inflation, unemployment and other key issues and its main concern was how to topple elected governments.

“They can go to any extent to retain power,” she alleged, claiming that all major institutions in the country like IIM, IIT, ISRO, DRDO, AIIMS are contributions of Congress.

She added: “Ninety-seven per cent media outlets are owned by billionaires and capitalists and that is why the media only projected that there was all around development in the nation…. They don’t show the truth.” At present India houses the highest number of unemployed and women here are being subjected to atrocities, she said.

Vadra took a jibe at the PM saying that it is true that PM Modi could do what Congress could not do in 70 years by handing over the country’s assets to capitalists and billionaires.

“He (PM Modi) has no funds for waiving farmers loans but has funds to buy two planes worth Rs 16,000 crore,” she said and added that Modi and BJP called Congress corrupt but instead “they amassed huge wealth and made BJP the richest party in 10 years”.

Stating that Modi in an interview denied he indulged in “Hindu-Muslim politics”, Vadra said “he is lying and people will teach him a lesson”.

Attacking BJP over Hathras and Unnao rape incidents and protest by women wrestlers she questioned PM Modi’s “silence” over atrocities on women.

“A woman was sexually assaulted in Hathras and set ablaze to death…Olympic medallist women wrestlers accused a BJP leader of committing atrocities on them and appealed to PM Modi but he did not listen,” she alleged.

People are facing huge problems but PM Modi talks about hosting big events like G20, Vadra said.

She said Congress has named its manifesto ‘Nyay Patra’ as injustice has been done to people in 10 years of the Modi government while industrialists are thriving.

She alleged that the electoral bond was the biggest “scheme of corruption” introduced by PM Modi.

“Modi ji claims only he is honest and is fighting against corruption. He is honest but cannot talk honestly about your issues, cannot honestly say how many jobs he gave,” she said.

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