Bilkis Bano Case: Barkha Dutt’s Online Petition Demands to Send Back Rape Convicts in Jail


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NEW DELHI – Prominent journalist Barkha Dutt’s YouTube channel Mojo Story has started an online petition demanding to send back rape and murder convicts in jail.

The petition so far recieved 23, 674 signatures.

“Bilkis Bano was five months pregnant when she was gangraped. The rapists then raped her mother. Mother and daughter were forced to witness the sexual assaut of the other. As Bilkis lay on the floor bleeding, her arm broken by the rapists, the men then lunged at her 3-year-old daughter Saleha and smashed her head with a stone. They also gang-raped Bilkis’s two sisters,” reads the petition.

“Justice Deepak Gupta, one of the three judges at the Supreme Court who awarded her compensation, told Mojo Story that the release is “immoral, unfair and unjust”,” it added.

“Justice Dalvi, the judge who first sent these men to jail told Mojo Story that it “set a very bad precedent and is a legal gimmick, a revolt against the judicial apparatus”.

Shobha Gupta, the lawyer who fought for Bilkis Bano to get justice told Mojo Story that we, the people, have to fight for Bilkis Bano now; she cant possibly go back to court again. “How much courage can one human being have?” she asked, appealing to the Gujarat government to take back its decision and to the PM to intervene.

Bikis Bano herself asked: “Can a woman’s fight for justice end like this?”


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