Bhakts for Donald Trump? Indian Flag Spotted at Audacious Mob Attack on US Capitol

India’s flag seen during the storming of the Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

Critics relate this to ‘Abki Bar Trump Sarkar’ slogan given by Modi at Houston rally in 2019

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — As Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington by supporters of US President Donald Trump, visuals have emerged from ground zero showing Indian flag being waved from the crowd outside the building.

Alejandro Alvarez, a local journalist, who live tweeted the situation as the pro-Trump crowd swelled at the Constitution Avenue, posted a series of visuals in thread including a clip which went viral with netizens from India pointing out the presence of Indian tricolour when the rioters had forced their way to the steps of the building.

The pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol Hill on Wednesday in a bid to stall the declaration of Biden win. The crowd breached one of the most secure government buildings in the US capital and forced their way into the halls of Congress leading to unprecedented chaos. Latest reports said that the law enforcement officials had secured the building but four people were killed, including a woman by gunfire, in the standoff.

The  crises at the Capitol triggered sharp reactions from commentators across the globe with many observing that this was an attack on the idea of democracy.

The presence of Indian flag triggered quick reaction with many saying that they are embarrassed to see Indian flag at a pro-Trump rally.

As people asked how come Indian flag showed up in a pro-Trump rally, they were quickly reminded of the ‘Abki Bar Trump Sarkar’- a slogan Prime Minister Modi raised to exhibit his support to President Trump at an event held in September 2019 in Houston.

“Because as much as RW ideologues would want to hide behind semantics, the Prime Minister of India had publicly and unequivocally endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy for reelection,” wrote Mohamed Zeeshan, a journalist who frequently comments on India’s foreign policy, in response to a tweet by BJP leader Varun Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also responded to Varun Gandhi’s tweet:

Indian American Muslim Council, an advocacy group of expats in the US, condemned the storming of Capitol. It also condemned the Indian Americans who participated in the violence saying they “should be ashamed of themselves for bringing dishonour to both India and the US”.

Indian embassy in the United States is yet to make any public statements on the flag issue as the identity of the bearer remains unknown when the reports last came.




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