Bengaluru Muslims Form Human Chain Around Temple to Protect It From Irate Mob


Video of the gesture is doing the rounds on social media. It’s in sharp contrast to what happened during the Delhi riots in February when mosques and other Muslim religious places were specifically targeted by rioters

Clarion India

BENGAULRU – Even when Muslims of this South Indian city were outraged because of a blasphemous Facebook post targeting Prophet Muhammad, some members of the community took extra care to ensure that no harm is done to a Hindu temple in the neighbourhood.

The ANI news agency took note of the human chain that Muslim youths formed around the temple in Kaval Byrasandra, in the eastern part of Bengaluru.

The news agency tweeted a video captioned: “A group of Muslim youth gathered and formed a human chain around a temple in DJ Halli police station limits of Bengaluru city late last night, to protect it from arsonists after violence erupted in the area”.

In the video, one can hear people appealing to the protesters and saying — “For God’s sake… Please stay away from here. We have formed this chain to show how we are here for all, but again we do not accept those who are trying to force RSS ideologies on people,” said one of the men who formed the human chain.

Muhammad Nuammir tweeted: “That’s the beauty of India. Muslims created a human chain to guard a Temple in #Bengaluru during violence. Stay calm make peace #BengaluruViolence.”

But there are people who still remember the scenes of the February Delhi violence when Hindutva forces specifically attacked mosques and Muslim religious sites. They set them on fire, defiled them or unfurled saffron flags on them. A report published by the Delhi Minorities Commission last month listed 17 such sites that were targeted by rioters. These include mosques, madrasas, graveyards and dargahs.

A tweet by one ‘Muhammad Ali noted: “Muslims created human chain to protect temple. In NE Delhi, Hindus destroyed about 14 mosques and placed Hanuman flag on minaret in Ashoknagar. Let peace prevail.”


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