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Azam Khan Gets Bail, to Remain in Jail after New Case

Azam Khan/ — IANS

LUCKNOW – The Allahabad High Court on Monday granted bail to Samajwadi Party MLA Mohd Azam Khan after a period of 26 months.

He was jailed in February 2020 in Sitapur jail.

However, Azam Khan will not immediately be released as last week, a new case was lodged against him in connection with granting recognition to an institution on forged documents.

Mohd Azam Khan has now obtained bail in 87 cases, including that of book theft, goat theft, buffalo theft, land encroachment, land grabbing, forgery and power theft.

He will now have to get bail in the 88th case lodged against him last week before he finally walks free. -IANS

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