Ayodhya Case: Muslim Parties Urge SC to Uphold Constitutional Values


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NEW DELHI — In a written note for moulding the relief, Muslim parties have urged the Supreme Court to fashion their judgment in Babri Masjid-Ram Janmbhoomi land title dispute in such a manner that it reflects ‘the constitutional values’ which this nation espouses – multi-religious and multi-cultural values.

“Since the judgment of this Court will have far reaching implications, it is for the Court to consider the consequences of its historic judgement by moulding the relief in a fashion that will reflect the constitutional values that this great nation espouses. We hope that the Court, in moulding the relief, upholds our multi-religious and multicultural values in resolving the issues confronting it,” reads the statement issued by the counsel for Muslim parties Rajeev Dhavan.

After ending the hectic hearing in the decades-old-case of the Ayodhya title dispute on 16 October, the Supreme Court asked both the parties to submit the written note on the basis of which they want the case to be adjudicated upon. The written note is legal term called as moulding the relief.

The Muslim parties have submitted their written note in the sealed cover and issued a press statement regarding the submission highlighting the core point of their contentions. The statement has been prepared by the counsels for the Muslims parties – senior advocate Rajeev Dhawan, Ejaz Maqbool, Shakil Ahmed Syed, M.R. Shamshad, Irshad Ahmed and Fuzail Ahmed.

“The decision by this Hon’ble Court, whichever way it goes, will impact future generations. It will also have consequences for the polity of this country. This Court’s decision may impact the minds of millions who are citizens of this country and who believe in constitutional values embraced by all when India was declared a republic on January 26, 1950,” reads the statement signed by seven Muslim parties.

They have submitted the written note to the five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi which has reserved its judgment in the case after 40-day marathon hearing. The judgment in the highly political sensitive case is expected to be delivered by the bench before mid-November.

“Moulding the relief is the responsibility of this Court, which itself is the sentinel of our Constitution. When moulding the relief, this Court must also consider how future generations will view this verdict,” reads the statement.

One lawyer representing a Muslim party told the Times of India that some parties and the Supreme Court registry had raised objections to the submission of the written note in a sealed cover. Then, they served their note to all parties and asked the bench to take their submission on record.

The Hindu parties have also submitted their notes on Saturday claiming that the birthplace for Ram Lalla is non-negotiable.

“That the extent of the suit property is 1480 sq. yards and the petitioner and other Hindus worship the suit property as deity from time immemorial and proved and believed as birth place of Sri Ram from time immemorial and the birth place of Sri Ram is non-negotiable,” reads the note filed by senior lawyer C S Vaidyanathan on the behalf of Hindu Parties.

Devotee Gopal Singh Visharad and Nirmohi Akhara had also filed their written notes in the case.


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