Arundhati Roy Flays Former Friend Tejpal, Talks of ‘Rape No. 2’ at Tehelka

Author and activist Arundhati Roy has added her voice to the growing chorus against Tejpal
Author and activist Arundhati Roy has added her voice to the growing chorus against Tejpal

NEW DELHI, Nov 25 – There was a time when celebrated and award-winning writer Arundhati Roy was considered close to Tehelka Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal, who is currently in the spotlight over his alleged molestation of his junior colleague at a hotel in Goa.  It seems, however, Tejpal has lost the support of Ms Roy as well among other things.

In an article in Outlook magazine, the author of God of Small Things talked of the “Rape Number Two” that has engulfed the news magazine Tehelka and its founder, Tarun Tejpal.

“Outrageously, it is being suggested that Tarun is being ‘framed’ for political reasons — presumably by the Right-wing Hindutva brigade. So now a young woman who he very recently saw fit to employ, is not just a loose woman, but an agent of the fascists? This is Rape Number Two: the rape of the values and the politics that Tehelka claims it stands for, and an affront to those who work there and who have supported it in the past.” (Read Arundhati Roy’s column in Outlook here)

Ms Roy writes, “What has happened now has not shocked me, but it has broken my heart.” Mr Tejpal has been accused by the Goa police of raping a younger woman colleague earlier this month at the magazine’s high-profile annual conference “Think-Fest”.

Tejpal suggested on Friday that the attempted “sexual liaison” was consensual, a charge the journalist has firmly rejected.

In an earlier written apology to her, Mr Tejpal, who is 50, said, he regretted the “shameful lapse of judgment that led me to attempt a sexual liaison with you on two occasions… despite your clear reluctance that you did not want such attention from me.”

Ms Roy writes in Outlook that Mr Tejpal was a partner in India Ink, which first published her novel, The God of Small Things. However, she said they later grew apart.


  1. Finally the time has arrived for all men , women and
    girls to read and study Islam’s teaching on sanctity
    of mothers, daughters,sisters and wives.
    Feminist approach to this disgusting malady
    of rape that has now reached disastrous levels
    in our society will not alone lead anywhere.
    If such an approach that was amplified
    protesting against the Delhi Bus Rape Case
    by feminists was the only way, then this Tejpal’s
    sordid rape episode would have happened.

  2. Bertrand Russell deemed it fit to emphasize the need for love in the serious sense almost in a moralist vein! His proposed new sexual freedom has now been fully clarified. For, he adjudged chastity and virtue to be dispensable for all sexual purposes. He construed marriage to be in no way obstructive to free sexual love.
    He implicitly recommended free sexual relations even with persons other than legal spouses, provided legitimacy of conception is ensured. In short, he approved of all kinds of non – violent and harmless sexual relations. All these he advocated seemingly because he found no reason to uphold conventional sexual morality, except for comparing and coordinating one’s private and public interests.

    With his extreme thinking, as indicated above, Bertrand Russell could not have been expected to project any correct image of morals, which would seek to regulate human sexuality, in order to nurture it on the basis of tender feelings of love and affection. In any case, it is very clear that Bertrand Russell and others like him have sought to introduce a kind of communal sexuality. Societies where free sexual love prevails can hardly promote any genuine love.
    Unfortunately, the negative sexuality traditionally and recently evolved in the West has penetrated the moral fabric of our society, too. However, it is not known why the supporters of the proposed new sexual freedom deem a laissez faire policy fit for sexual affairs only, while they seemingly accept the controllability of political and economic activities.

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