At Last, Winds of Change Blowing from, Japan in East, US in West


Government of Japan banned same sex marriages and the Supreme Court of the United States has taken a decision that abortion cannot be a legal right.

Dr Javed Jamil | Clarion India

I have been campaigning against abortion, homosexuality and promiscuity for more than two and a half decades. At last, I am vindicated with some good news coming in last one week, first from Japan, and then America. Government of Japan banned same sex marriages and the Supreme Court of the country upheld the ban. Now, on June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States has taken a decision that abortion cannot be a legal right.

It was in 1995 when I had first published my book, “Islamic Model for Control of AIDS’ in which I had argued that HIV/AIDS and all other sexually transmitted diseases cannot be controlled until a total ban is clamped on promiscuity, homosexuality and all forms of commercialisation of sex.

Before that, in 1993, my book “Islam and Family Planning” had hit hard against the policy of including abortions as part of the birth control programme. In 1997, I had organised a National Seminar on AIDS in Delhi in collaboration with National AIDS Control Programme, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, again stressing the need of an international campaign against promiscuity, prostitution, homosexuality, commercialisation of all forms of sex and addictions of all kinds. But the world did not listen.
Even some people associated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNDP tried to convince me that, instead of campaigning against all these things, I must promote safe sex. The result of the dominance of economics over health has been that in the last 30 years, more than 48 million people have died of AIDS; and it has been clearly proved by all the international agencies that homosexuality has been the biggest contributory factor followed by prostitution. Association with alcohol and drug addiction has also been clearly established.

Though the devastation caused by the commercialisation of sex and beauty has tormented the whole society, the most appalling is the case of children. They do not possess the voice that can be heard beyond the walls of their houses or the placenta of their mothers; they do only have yells that get buried within the din inside. They are not physically capable of organising and wrestling for their rights. Neither have they representation in parliaments and assemblies nor in the media. Their fate is entirely at the mercy of others. They are, therefore, more likely to be killed, neglected and assaulted than anyone else. The most vulnerable, of course, are the children in the wombs whose voices, if any, cannot go beyond the skins of their mothers.

The new sexual morality espoused and promoted by the big businesses, especially the global merchants of sex annihilated all the barricades in the way of free sex. Marriage or any other formality, age, gender, place, time and previous relation all paled into insignificance for the purpose of a sexual encounter. The only restriction that the legal framework put, albeit without making it effective in practice, was the consent of the two individuals seeking sex. If both agree, nothing can stop them.

They would be advised, however, to take precautions as far as possible not to let their ecstatic love drift to unwanted fruition. This can devastate their own career, they would be told, and also the country’s economy. Never mind though if despite precautions, a woman conceives, she need not worry. The state is there to provide whatever she needs for a safe abortion: legal permission, social protection and free services. private clinics, in their own way, are looking to provide the best.

And with abortion begins the sad story of children being killed and abused for no fault of theirs. An estimated number of about 50-70 million children are caused to perish before their birth every year, staggerings figure from all accounts! Figures that must put the entire mankind to shame and must jolt from head to toe every person with a conscience. But where is mankind and where is the conscience? What we know of mankind today is a kingdom of human beasts seeking pleasure and nothing but pleasure, whatever the consequences. And this is not just the pleasure of the whole mankind at the cost of other creatures. It is for the gratification of the strong among human beings who have mastered the science of eradicating all that can directly or indirectly become impediments in their stupendous march towards unstoppable fun and entertainment.

What if for this majestic plan, a few millions of partially formed human fleshes are to be discarded every month! They are of course just the humans-in-making, not humans. They are the weakest obstacles as well.  Flowers must be protected, proponents of abortion seem to argue, but there is no plausible reason why tears should be shed if buds are nipped to “save” mankind from “undesirable consequences”.

Big movements are organised against the killing of animals and the extinction of rare species, against the uprooting of plants and deforestation, and also against the destruction of historical monuments and sites. These are not humans but still have the backing and support of one or the other elements of power. A notable global campaign, on the other hand, against the unceremonious killing of millions of humans-in-making cannot be allowed to gather momentum. The cronies of the big businesses are always there, fully armed with the arsenals of “sophisticated” logic and money to thwart any such development. Still, we are made to believe that we are living in a civilised world that cares for human rights. Ironically, those who shout at the top of their voice for human rights happen to be those who silently preside over most of these killings.

No sooner than the Supreme Court gave its decision, American men and women rushed to the streets protesting against the decision. This will, of course, reduce their fun and increase their responsibilities. Markets cannot afford it. Abortion has a multi-billion market; and if abortion rights are removed, many other markets too will suffer. And of course, both Democrats and Republicans will be behind them. President Biden has already taken a pledge to do, whatever he can, to undo the effects of the Supreme Court decision.
As an individual, I feel the news from Japan and America a little moral victory for me. I hope all the right-thinking organisations; especially the Islamic organizations, to run an international campaign against all these evils, which pose a serious threat to the lives and health of the whole humanity.  This is the right time to act.

Dr Javed Jamil is a thinker and writer with over twenty books including his latest, “A Systematic Study of the Holy Qur’ān”. He is currently Chair in Yenepoya University Mangalore. The views expressed here are author’s personal and do not necessarily reflect those of Clarion India.

Plaintiffs outside the Osaka district court in Japan on June 20. The court ruled the country’s ban on same-sex marriage does not violate the constitution. — CNN
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