At India Today Conclave, Historian Harari Slams Scapegoating of Muslims; Leaves Rahul Kanwal Speechless

‘Slap on Rahul Kanwal’s face’: Twitterati feel after Yuval Harari says ‘people in India are blaming Muslims for coronavirus’.

Historian Yuval Noah Harari speaking to Rahul Kanwal of India Today TV said blaming Muslims for the spread of pandemic is “complete nonsense and extremely dangerous.”

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NEW DELHI – Yuval Noah Harari, an internationally acclaimed historian from Israel, urged Indians to shun hatred and develop solidarity to fight the coronavirus pandemic, a global health crisis that has brought the world to halt.

Harari expressed his concern over the rise in the incidence of hate crimes against Muslims in India who are being falsely accused of spreading Coronavirus in the country.

Harari, while speaking to Rahul Kanwal of India Today TV, made an appeal to the people not to fan hatred but love and solidarity.

He said: “India faces an enormous challenge… but I can’t comment on how the government should respond because I don’t understand enough. But I would urge people to act not with hatred but with solidarity, both with other countries and especially with different communities within India.”

He said he was worried about some stories “blaming the epidemic on the Muslim minorities even saying that this is a deliberate act of terrorism.”

This, he said was “complete nonsense and extremely dangerous”. “In this time we do not need hatred. We need solidarity. We need love between people.”

A video clip of Harari was widely shared on social media platforms with people pointing out how his comments left Kanwal, the anchor, speechless.

Few days back, Kanwal courted controversy after he broadcasted a report claiming that madrasas (Islamic seminaries) are hotspots of Coronavirus. He was slammed for promoting Islamophobia by vilifying poor Muslim children.


A large section of the media in India has published or broadcasted reports that blamed Tablighi Jamaat for the surge in Coronavirus cases in India after Nizamuddin Markaz emerged as a major cluster of Coronavirus. The coverage was found to be biased and resulted in surge in hate crimes including physical violence and economic apartheid-like discrimination against ordinary Muslims.


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