Association of Indian Muslims in America Offers 50 Scholarships to Engineering, Polytechnic Students in Mumbai


The recipients of the scholarships are students pursuing Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma Engineering programmes.

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WASHINGTON – The Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) has expanded its scholarship programme at the Anjuman Islam Educational Institution, Mumbai, to 50 scholarships. These scholarships will be given to engineering and polytechnic students in four colleges of Anjuman Islam, said Kaleem Kawaja, executive director of the Washington-based Association.

The distribution of scholarships is as follows.

– 10 scholarships at the Saboo Siddik Engineering College, Byculla, Mumbai;

– 15 scholarships at the Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, Byculla, Mumbai;

– 10 scholarships at the Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Engineering College, Panvel, Mumbai;

– 15 scholarships at the Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Polytechnic, Panvel, Mumbai.

AIM is a 35-year-old Washington-based social service organisation of Indian-American Muslims who live in North America. The Association’s major programmes are to promote education in the community in India and to provide relief in the event of calamities. AIM’s scholarship programme for students at Anjuman Islam was started in 2017 with 15 scholarships.

The recipients of the scholarships are students pursuing Bachelor of Engineering and Diploma Engineering programmes. These scholarships will pay about half of the annual college fees of the recipients that currently stands at about Rs 80,000.

The Saboo Siddiq colleges were established in 1936 in Byculla in the heart of the Mumbai metropolis, by the wealthy Mumbai businessman and philanthropist, Haji Saboo Siddiq. He also built the well-known rest house (musafir khana) in Mumbai for Haj pilgrims in 1910. The Abdul Razzaq colleges were built in 2006 in Panvel, a suburb of Mumbai, about 30 miles east of the city, by another wealthy businessman and philanthropist, Haji Abdul Razaq Kalsekar.

Kalsekar who was originally from Mumbai, built his business empire in Dubai. Under the auspices of Anjuman Islam institution, Kalsekar helped built the modern Kalsekar Technical Campus on a 11 acre tract of land that comprises several modern tall buildings. Kalsekar has also built a charitable hospital in Mumbai.

The Anjuman Islam Institution, one of the premier educational institutions of Indian Muslims, was started in 1874 by a set of community leaders from the Bohri, Ismaili and Konkani Muslim communities under the leadership of Badruddin Tyebjee. Tyebjee was a brilliant British educated lawyer whose father sent him to England to study in college when he was only 16 years old. Tyebjee was a contemporary of famous educationist Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who in 1875 established a college in Aligarh that grew into Aligarh Muslim University. Tyebjee went on to become the first Indian to be the chief justice of the Bombay High Court in late 1800s.

Soon after its inception Anjuman Islam continued building schools and colleges for the Muslim community not only in Mumbai but also in other cities like Poona, Sholapur and Aurangabad. They built special colleges for women, law, engineering, commerce, science, pharmacy etc. Today there are 80 colleges and schools under the Anjuman umbrella.


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