Assam Killing: Mahmood Madani Writes Letters to Human Rights Watch, Home Minister and Others

Assam Police open fire at locals protesting eviction Drive

‘It is a demonstration of extreme madness and fanaticism, which has caused embarrassment to humanity’

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI – Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind President Maulana Mahmood Madani has written letters to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, the National Commission for Minorities as well as global rights body the Human Rights Watch drawing their attention towards the open display of police brutality in Assam.

“We as a civilized nation cannot surrender to illegitimate use of violence unleashed over the protesting civilians. This is the sheer violation of human rights. It is a demonstration of extreme madness and fanaticism, which has caused embarrassment to humanity,” said the Maulana referring to gruesome killing of two Muslims in Darrang district of Assam by the state police. The deceased were part of hundreds of protestors who have been dislodged from their homes by the state government.

Demanding quick action against the guilty police officials and the photographer who was seen in viral video stomping on one of the dead, the Jamiat president said, “We unequivocally condemn this outrageous act of violence and demand to institute a high-level judicial probe of this deplorable incident.” He also demanded compensation to the next of kin of the victims and rehabilitation of displaced villagers.

Maulana Madani said that human rights have priority in the Constitution. “No piece of land is more important than human life, so we hope that the Chief Minister of Assam will protect human values and will come forward to address pain of the oppressed,” he concluded.


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