Asked About Beef Ban and Love Jihad, Metro Man Sreedharan Walks out during Interview


Clarion India

PALAKKAD – Metroman E Sreedharan, who is a BJP candidate in Palakkad, walked out in the midst of an interview after he was asked about beef ban, love jihad and criminal cases on BJP state president K Surendran.

E Sreedharan abruptly ended the interview while he was speaking to a journalist from the online portal, News Laundry. The media outlet has shared video footage of the interview on its Twitter handle.

When the journalist asked about the beef ban, Sreedharan replied that those are trivial issues and he won’t answer but when the journalist clarified that she only wants to know his opinion and party’s leaders from the south and north holds different viewpoints over the issue, he said that he is not qualified enough to respond over the issue.

When she asked him about the cases against BJP state president K Surendran, he said that all of them are forged cases and they are nothing compared to the allegations of gold smuggling case against chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan. He also denied response to K Surendran’s call for legislation on Love Jihad and his statement that, otherwise, the state would become another Syria.

Sreedharan said that you are continuing to ask the same questions and he cannot give answers to them. When the journalist replied that as a media person it is her duty to ask such questions, Sreedharan said that it’s time to stop this interview.“I don’t understand this, why you are going from one person to another. I don’t want to talk further,” Sreedharan said and afterwards, he walked out.


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