Asian Paints Withdraws Support to Fatah ka Fatwa; Patanjali Steps Forward to Support Hate Campaign



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NEW DELHI — Asian Paints, the sponsor and backer of a controversial weekly Islamophobic program, Fatah Ka Fatwa, shown on Zee TV appears to have withdrawn its commercial support but has not made any official announcement.  The last episode of the programme did not have Asian Paints advertisement.  However, controversial yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has stepped forward to offer the crucial sponsor support to Zee TV in its campaign to spread Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred.

Caravan Daily has learnt that after an online petition was launched, Asian Paints contacted the petitioner, Mehdi Hasan Aini, and requested him to withdraw their online petition saying it would call off its sponsor support. The petitioners, however, told the company that the petition would continue until the advert is not officially removed.

The online petition against the Pakistani Canadian’s hateful program targeting Islam and Muslims, which has angered millions of Indian Muslims, may be viewed here:

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With His Challenge Being Rejected, Mufti Wajidi Takes on Tarek Fatah on Twitter

Outraged by the hatred and accusations being hurled against their faith and its teachings by Fatah, several Indian Muslims have sought to initiate legal action against the so-called scholar. However, they have been told by police that since there is no law and order problem so far and no obvious uneasiness within the community an FIR could not be registered.


  1. Fateh Ka Fatwah : Tarek Fatah does not Know about Islam So he should Learn First and Then Guide others.

    So No Need For Fateh ka Fatwah.

  2. Court case should be filed against tarekh for misleading the country. special syllabus is devised in major madarsas against terror. all madarsas issued FATWAS against terror in india as well as abroad

  3. Amazing that the police refused to file FIR because there was no “law and order problem”. Is the police waiting for a “law and order problem” to occur before allowing an FIR? When Jain groups filed an FIR against Vishal Dadlani , there was no law and order problem. Routine FIRs are filed for posts on social media, without a law and order problem. So why is the Indian system shielding Tarek fatah and allowing him to spew vitriol against Muslims?

  4. ‘Har ghar kuch kehta hai ki’ Asian paints is Zee TV ka ‘Fatah ka fatwa’ ghar se nikalne ko aur ‘khoon ki holi’ dewar ka rang bane se.

    Asian paint should publicly apologised for sponsoring the Pakistani agent in Zee TV.

    Ban Zee TV is better for the nation’s integrity.

    Boycott Asian paint for inspiring ‘khoon ki holi’.

    Jai Hind

  5. Tarek was doing an excellent job. Asian Paints are cowards to have withdrawn support to the show. I wish the show is back. Tarek speaks the truth which muslims cannot digest.

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