Arrest Narsinghanand, Say Activists After He Nabs 10-Year-Old Muslim Boy, Makes False Allegations


‘Even though there are three FIRs against the controversial priest, action has not been taken against him’

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – Yati Narsinghanand, the controversial priest of Dasna Temple in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh who is known for making hate speeches against Muslims, continues to target the minority community even though several FIRs have been registered against him. On Sunday, October 10, he nabbed a 10-year-old Muslim boy who mistakenly entered the temple, and accused him of planning to carry out his murder.

Narsinganand uploaded a video from his Twitter handle in which he appeared with the Muslim boy named Anas and claimed that he entered his temple to do recce in order to carry out big attack on him. He also claimed that the boy was attempting to murder him and blamed Ghaziabad Police for allowing this to happen. The ruling BJP-aligned priest also said that he would send the message to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Posting the video, he made hateful remarks calling Muslims ‘trend killers’.

“These children of Muslims are trend killers. But the police forces posted for the purpose of security are sleeping,” said Narsinghanand in Hindi.

However, the allegations levelled by Narsinghanand against Anas turned out to be false after the police investigated the case. Ghaziabad Police put out a statement through its Twitter handle stating the facts with regard to the claims made by Narsinghanand about Anas.

According to the police, Anas, who is the resident of Usman colony in Ghaziabad’s Masoori, is illiterate and ignorant of the area. He was going to the Community Health Center (CHC) where his pregnant sister-in-law Momina came for medical check-up. The CHC is situated next to Dasna Temple. Anas mistook the temple’s premises as CHC. He entered the temple as many people were going there.

The police also cross-checked the facts, asked Anas’s family members and neighbours and found it to be true.

“No illegal things were seized from the boy,” said the police.

Hours passed by but Narsinghanand is yet to withdraw his video and remarks about Anas.

However, people on social media have demanded actions against Narsinghanand for making false allegations.

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri said that the hate preacher again lied and his lies were caught by the police. He asked the Ghaziabad Police to take action against him.

Fact-checking journalist Muhammed Zubair said even though there are three FIRS against Narsinghanand, action has not been taken against him.

Delhi University professor and rights activist Apoorvanand urged the police and devotees to act against Narsinghanand.

A Twitter user Amit Tushar said that people like Narsinghanand is doing such things to strike terror in the heart of every Muslim mother and father.


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