Arnab’s Chat with Dasgupta: Pakistan Takes Note of Revelations on Balakot Airstrike

Arnab Goswami and Partho Dasgupta former BARC CEO.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says Arnab Gate Reveals Unholy Nexus between Modi Govt and Indian Media

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NEW DELHI – The leaked chats between Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami and former CEO of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) Parsho Dasgupta has brought international embarrassment to India. Pakistan, including its Prime Minister Imran Khan, has zeroed in on those revelations asserting that they have been vindicated about the Balakot airstrike.

In the leaked chats between Goswami and Dasgupta, it has come out that Goswami knew about the Balakot airstrike three days before the strike and he had also expressed his happiness in using the killing of Indian soldiers in Pulwama attack for the spike of his channel’s TRP. The leaked chats are part of the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police in the TRP scam.

In a series of tweets, Khan on Monday reminded what he had said about the Balakot airstrike at the United Nation General Assembly in 2019 and said that the latest revelations from the communication of Goswami revealed the nexus between Indian Media and India’s Narendra Modi government.

He further said that Indian media revealed the dirty nexus which “is pushing our nuclearised region to the brink of a conflict it cannot afford”. He also called upon the international community to stop India from its “reckless and militarist agenda”.

“I want to reiterate that my govt will continue to expose India’s belligerent designs towards Pakistan & Modi govt’s fascism. Int community must stop India from its reckless, militarist agenda before the Modi govt’s brinkmanship pushes our region into a conflict it cannot control,” said Khan.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also attacked India alleging the Modi government of staging “false flag operation”.

Earlier on Sunday, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry also issued a statement citing the leaked WhatsApp chats of Goswami. It has also claimed that India staged a “false flag” operation to “stoke hyper-nationalism in its bid to win elections”.

“We hope that the international community would take full cognizance of the situation and hold India accountable for its actions vitiating the regional environment and endangering peace and security in South Asia,” the Foreign Ministry said.

In its statement on Pakistan’s response, Republic TV rejected all the allegations levelled against Goswami.

“The Republic Media Network had also produced proof of the Balakot strike on 6 March 2019 which had deeply embarrassed the Pakistan state machinery and its intelligence apparatus. The statement of the Government of Pakistan against India’s leading news network — the Republic Media Network is proof of the deep-conspiracy of anti-India and anti-national forces against Republic Media Network and its Editor-in-Chief Mr. Arnab Goswami,” said the Republic TV network.

As per the leaked chats, On 23 February 2019, Goswami told Dasgupta that “something big will happen”.

On this, Dasgupta responded “Dawood?” (referring to the underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim). To which, Goswami replied “No Sir, Pakistan. Something major will be done”.

Gupta replied: “It’s good for the big man in this season. He will sweep polls then”. Gupta then asked: “Strike or bigger”. Goswami replied: “Bigger than a normal strike. And also at the same time something major on Kashmir. On Pakistan, the government is confident of striking in a way that people will be elated”.

The Balakote airstrike was carried out on 26 February 2019 which had heightened tension between India and Pakistan, two nuclear armed rivals.

In the chats, Goswami also talks about the use of Pulwama terror attack to spike his channel’s TRP.

“Sir, 20 min ahead on the biggest terrorist attack of the year in Kashmir… only, only channel with a group presence,” said Goswami on 14 February 2019 at 5:41 PM. To which Dasgupta asked: “Modi happened yesterday?” Goswami said: “Have planned some buildup after we spoke. Idea to gain massive spike. So used his speech yesterday and pushed it by a bit”.

“This attack, we have won like crazy,” said Goswami.

In the Pulwama attack on 14 February 2019, over 40 Indian soldiers were killed after they were attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber.


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