Arnab Goswami, You Are a Threat to Reason



No, you are not a mouthpiece of Hindutva or something more profound as some are accusing you of. You are simply a threat to reason, journalism and humanity

TAHMINA LASKAR | Caravan Daily

Dear Arnab Goswami

Those were comparatively saner times for the Indian television media and probably the first time I tried to listen to you was when you were questioning the President of Delhi University Students Union when Prof SAR Geelani of Delhi University was spat on by a DU student in 2008.

But all I could listen to was endless cacophony although thankfully the decibel levels were relatively low then.  Your legend has only grown since, as you have been preying on one controversy after another.

Recently you called Asad Ashraf “a cover for Indian Mujahideen.” Of all the encounters that you have had with people on your shows has one consistent element though, reason eluding you.

Ashraf on this show was only pointing out loopholes in the police’s version of the Batla House encounter which of course was already done by many others as well. But your instant reaction to what he was saying was that he was an ISIS sympathiser and cover for IM.

One understands that your brand of journalism is both fed by and feeds on viewer ratings and that is why you make it thrilling by perpetually pillorying your guests with condemnations and accusations, and not allowing them to speak much less defend themselves.

Seeing the panelists lose their nerve or simply putting their mike off is your brand of journalism’s standard operating procedure (SoP) while shouting your lungs out that “the nation wants to know”.

Unfortunately it’s only your personal view and prejudices which shape the tone of the show much less than what the nation wants to know. The standard jibes that you use are “should be ashamed of their views” and “it is because of people like you that……” are a blot on journalism.

It defies the very notion of having independent thoughts and beliefs, analysis and moderation are totally absent in the kind of forced soliloquy that you engage in.

The “News Hour” is a one man show with you being in charge of forming opinions, run on your whims and caprices where you categorize limiting other people’s thoughts and other people’s lives through your assumptions. The only thing different this time which went against with your SoP this time is that Asad Ashraf wouldn’t just sit and watch.

So no Mr. Goswami, the nation is not interested in your jaundiced views, endless drivel and unadulterated malice! Most certainly not the shallowness and cacophony of your opinion. And no you are not a mouthpiece of Hindutva or something more profound as some are accusing you of. You are just a threat to reason, journalism and humanity.



  1. Thank you Tahmina for this open letter to Mr. Arnab. I really hope he reads it.
    Mr. Arnab, for most of us you are just another anchor using the media to get his thoughts across but having watched you for such a long time I truly wonder whose fault it is to have churned out characters like yourself: the society, the school and university you read in or us who have fed your seemingly unquenchable thirst for the sensationalism, unreasonableness, arrogance and attitude which become the hallmarks of your show. Indeed, I used to think that intelligent minds thrive in the quietude of deep thought; one learns to ponder before opening one’s mouth and above all that such thoughts are found in one who is equally soft spoken. Alas!
    You have proved yourself to the contrary and one laments at the was how such oratory has gone to waste (you would do well to take a leaf from the best orator India has had to date: the inimitable Shashi Tharoor). One also sees the slow demise of reason in one so literate and yet so heartless. Whatever happened to the young man who meant to reach for the stars but is mired in dust and is sometimes little more than a heckler. Mr. Arnab, you are a sad example of what journalists should not be and I am sorry that our universities are partly responsible. As an educator, I fear to find any of my students aspiring to be what you have become. Perhaps, it is time to stop and take a breath before your all consuming ambition overtakes you and we are left with the tragic thoughts of what might have been.

  2. In all these “open letter”s to Arnab by a homogenous band of journalists the “closed truth” in the subtext seems to be a method in the madness, concealed cleverly but inadequately.


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