Anti-CAA Women Protesters Chased, Beaten up by UP Police in Etawah

Protesters are being chased by the police in Etawah (Photo-NDTV)

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ETAWAH – Women protesting against the CAA were chased and beaten up in Etawah by the Uttar Pradesh police, who also barge into shops and force them to shut.

The incident has been reported by the NDTV which has broadcast mobile phone footage that has emerged from a protest in Etawah against the citizenship law on Tuesday.

Video clips show the police chasing the women in the narrow lanes of Pachraha area and raining blows with their batons as they try to break up the protest.

In a 17-second clip, the women can be heard shouting and asking the police why they are being assaulted. It is difficult to make out whether the cops hitting the women protestors are men or women, but police sources insist only women police personnel were tackling the women protestors.

According to the report, other mobile phone clips show the police lathi-charging men who had gathered in the area. In one video, cops are seen entering a roadside eatery, hitting the employees inside and shutting it down forcibly.

A policeman is on camera hitting a roadside vendor and asking him to shut shop. A senior policeman is seen in another video abusing protesters. The police have defended their crackdown, saying the protesters had thrown stones at them first.

The protest took place in Pachraha yesterday afternoon. Initially, some 150 women joined the protest but by night the numbers had swelled to 500, according to local reporters.

A tweet by the Etawah police said its personnel had been posted at the protest site and that protestors were being monitored.

Protests are raging in various parts of the country over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which has provision to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants on the basis of religion.


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