Anti-CAA Resolution Passed in US’s Hamtramck

Anti-CAA protest 

Clarion India

WASHINGTON, DC – The City of Hamtramck in Michigan in the US has unanimously passed a resolution that denounces the discriminatory law Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) t passed in India. The City Resolution also denounces the highly discriminatory National Register of Citizens (NRC) that targets religious minorities, oppressed castes, backward classes and is reminiscent of the Nurembeg Laws that contributed to the Holocaust.

CAPI, a non-profit organization based in Michigan and a lead Interfaith coalition, was instrumental in garnering community support for the resolution. The South Asian community including the Indian diaspora in the City of Hamtramck is very concerned about the impending humanitarian fallout due to the implementation of the CAA & NRC in India.

The resolution brings awareness about the oppressed state of religious minorities and dalits in India and helps contain the spread of Hindutva ideology here in Michigan and USA.

“This is an important coming-together of all voices of religious acceptance and cultural pluralism to support this resolution”, commented Masood Rab of CAPI.

“The City of Hamtramck, MI has joined the cities like Seattle WA, Albany NY, Cambridge MA and St. Paul MN that have clearly stated their position of preferring inclusiveness & diversity of faith by passing similar resolutions against CAA” said S Khan.

“I support this resolution, we should not be discriminatory against anyone” said Mr. Bill Myers, Executive Director of One Hamtramck LLC.

The CAA uses religion as a qualifying criterion for refugees to be granted Citizenship of India while the NRC (National Register of Citizenship) and NPR (National Population Register) are census tools, added Miss Arul M.

“This CAA bill will deepen the religious divide in the region and cause increase in discrimination and violence. Race, religion, and gender should not be controlling factors when it comes to Indian citizens retaining their citizenship”

The CAA requires citizens to prove their Citizenship by asking for unissued documents from the last century. Millions of people are at risk of being made stateless and wrongfully stripped of both their property and their Rights. Those who cannot validate their records end up in detention camps which are now called Holding camps.

Most of these people lack the resources to represent themselves in a court of law when subjected to the impractical criteria of CAA, despite being born and living in India for generations. Prime Minister Modi’s right-wing government has no regard for these people’s lives since it does not fit into Hindutva/BJP/RSS ideology of making India into a “Hindu-only” nation by abolishing the Constitution of India.

“It is important for we Americans to understand the caste system. We despise the hateful and intolerant ideology of RSS and BJP which are discriminatory against oppressed castes, women, indigenous people and the LGBTQ community”, said Mr Ganga S. who resides in Metro Detroit area.

“Earlier in the year, multiple protest rallies and webinars were organized by CAPI to voice our concern against CAA, NRC and NPR. We stand for Justice for everyone.”, stated Mr Mohammad S.

“This is another push in an effort to oppose injustice, racism, and discrimination. Hopefully, other cities would be encouraged to pass similar resolutions followed by federal legislation in the near future”, said Mr. Irfan C.


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