Another Muslim Beaten Up in UP Temple: This Time a Labourer in Etawah

Danish was tied and beaten up (Photo-Tejas Khabar)

Danish was called for some menial work. He was brutalised after he made known his identity. His tormentors have been arrested

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Days after a Muslim boy was mercilessly thrashed for drinking water in a temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, a similar incident has been reported from another city of the same state ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

A Muslim labourer who went to work at a temple in Etawah is reported to have been tied and beaten up by two people on Tuesday (March 16). The previous incident happened on March 12 when brute force was used against a 13-year-old boy for no reason except that he was a Muslim.

Danish, the latest victim in Etawa, says that he was targeted after they came to know his identity. However, the police say the violence was the result of a dispute over labour charges

Talking to Clarion India, SHO of Kotwali police station said that Danish was beaten up after he had an argument with those who had called him for work. The accused have been arrested, the SHO said, refusing to give further details about the incident.

However, Danish told a news website Tejas Khabar that he was beaten up after they realised that he was a Muslim.

“I had gone to do some menial work. First, they were nice to me. In the two rounds of the work, they treated me well. After the third round, they asked me about the amount to be paid. I told them Rs. 460. They told me to come inside the temple and collect money. Before giving money, they asked my name. I said my name is Danish. They asked are you Muslim? I said yes I’m a Muslim. At this, they locked the main gate, tied me and started beating me up with a rod and pipe,” he said.

The temple is located in the area of Yamuna Talhati in Etawa. Danish lives in Rani Bagh of the Sadar Kotawli area.

According to Danish, the crime was committed by two people. “One of them was telling the other one to wait till they gather more people,” he said.

Danish was rescued by the police after his family members alerted them. His family members have filed a police complaint. His tormentors have levelled charges of stealing mobile against him.