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AMU Students Upset Over Notice to Vacate Hostels During Summer Break

Students voice concerns over the administration’s decision amidst soaring temperatures and upcoming competitive exams

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) administration has issued notice to students to vacate their hostels during the summer vacation, commencing on 16 June. The decision has sparked significant worry among female residents and research scholars, who argue it will cause considerable inconvenience to them.

Student teams have met the vice-chancellor and the registrar several times, seeking permission to remain in their hostels. A faction of the students supports the vice-chancellor’s move, suggesting it will help evict those illegally occupying hostel spaces. Proctor Prof. Muhammad Waseem Ali acknowledged the presence of unauthorised individuals in hostels, calling the vacating notice a necessary step to address this issue.

Conversely, other students criticise the administration, citing the failure to manage illegal accommodations. They argue that vacating the hostels amid 50-degree temperatures poses severe hardships. “The administration is deliberately troubling the students,” a senior student told Clarion India over the phone. “Our NET exam is on June 18. Where should we go after leaving the hostel? We can’t return to Bihar because the exam centre is here,” he said requesting anonymity.

While the administration has promised a dedicated summer hostel for students with competitive exams, students remain sceptical. “The administration has not yet built any summer hostel, and we should be allowed to stay in our rooms,” they insist. They urge the administration to target illegal residents directly rather than penalising legitimate students.

AMU has declared summer vacation from 16 June to 30 July for the main campus and its centres in Malappuram, Murshidabad, and Kishanganj. The effectiveness of the administration’s eviction plan remains to be seen as the vacating deadline approaches.

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