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AMU Students Persist with Demand to Include Removed Class XI Entrance Test Chapters

Protesting students and administration officials engage in scuffles

Team Clarion

ALIGARH – Students at the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) continue to be on the warpath over the administration’s decision to remove the Islamic section from the Class XI entrance test syllabus.

Hundreds of students held a protest march to the administration block of the university on Saturday. They sought to meet the university controller and vice-chancellor to discuss the reinstatement of the removed chapters. However, officials prevented them from entering the block, leading to scuffles.

Students argue that removing the Islamic section violates the AMU Act of 1920. They also stressed that the university’s Academic Council (AC) and AMU Court should have student representation. “The administration has made a significant decision without student representation,” a student remarked.

The protesting students vowed to continue their protest until their demands were met.

Prof. Muhammad Waseem Ali, the University Proctor, assured the students that the vice-chancellor has formed a review committee to look into the issue. “The committee is currently doing its work, and we ask the students to wait for its conclusion,” he said.

But students would have nothing of it. Demanding an immediate redressal of their grievances, they pledged to continue their struggle till their demands were met.

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