Seventeen AMU law graduates to be sworn in as judges after cracking the Judicial Services Examinations 2016

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ALIGARH — Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has a reason to rejoice. Seventeen of its law graduates have managed to crack the Judicial Services Examinations 2016. Of these 17, seven have qualified to become judges in Bihar and 10 in Uttar Pradesh. Interestingly, AMU, as an institution has often been sharply criticized by many for the wrong reasons, including the Union Human Resource Development Ministry, which has even listed it as a non-performing institute. Media too, had been a bit skeptical about AMU and its students.

This achievement, in recent times, definitely boosts the image of the institute. “It’s a proud moment for entire AMU fraternity that our university has emerged as a front runner in almost every ranking in recent years,” said Professor Tariq Mansoor, the Vice Chancellor, AMU.

The success in the judicial exam comes at a time when the 19th century institution is celebrating the bicentenary celebration of its founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. (17th Oct 2017 was Sir Syed’s 200th birthday).

“The results have reinforced our commitment to the mission of our founder by revisiting our glorious history and asserting our formidable presence on the educational map of the nation through laurels and achievements earned by our students and teachers,” said the VC in a statement.

It’s a proud moment for entire AMU fraternity that our university has emerged as a front runner in almost every ranking in recent years, said the Vice Chancellor of AMU.

The results, has also busted another wrong perception about AMU that it’s like an Islamic seminary, which benefits the Muslim community, only. The list of achievers from AMU cracking the exam clearly indicates that out of the 17 students, only eight are Muslims (refer to the box).

Interestingly, earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly opposed to the minority status of AMU, in references to cases pending against the university at the Supreme Court.

AMU graduates who cleared Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services Exams 2016
Name Rank
Ms. Rumana Ahmad 15th
Mr. Atif  Siddiqui 36th
Mr. Shashank Gupta 65th
Ms. Akansha Bansal 67th
Ms. Charu Singh 83rd
Mr. Phuspendra Choudhary 119th
Ms. Swati Singh 151st
Mr. M Arif 162nd
Mr. Yughul Shambhu 199th
Mr. Anurag Singh 213th
AMU graduates who cleared Bihar Judicial Services Exams 2016
Ms Swati Dube
Mr Rehan Raza
Mr Brijnath Singh
Mr Zeeshan Mehdi
Mr Asif Nawaz Khan
Mr Md Tasneem Kauser
Mr Hamza Alam








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