Amritsar Dussehra Tragedy: Madrasa Students Donate Blood for Injured, Mosque Holds Prayers

Representational Image: Students of Nadvatul Uloom in Lucknow donating blood at a camp.

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AMRITSAR (PUNJAB) — In a commendable show of humanity, students from Madrasas here have been asked to donate blood for scores of Hindu brothers and sisters who were wounded in the Dussehra tragedy here on Friday when a train mowed down over 60 people. Meanwhile, the Shahi Jama Masjid in Ludhiana also held a prayer for the recovery of the injured.

“All Madrasas in Amritsar have asked their students to donate blood for the people injured in the Dussehra tragedy here and not to let blood supply shortage. This is the real India. They are not merchants of hate who are crying for two days that if there were namazis on the track the incident would not have happened,” tweeted journalist Samir Abbas, popular TV face of News18 Urdu channel.

Meanwhile, the Shahi Jama Masjid in Ludhiana held a mass prayer for the recovery of the injured persons.

“All are sad at the train tragedy that occurred during Dussehra in Amritsar. At this time of sorrow, we are with the families of those killed or injured,” said Maulana Habibur Rahman Usmani, Shahi Imam of Punjab, in a media statement on Saturday. His mosque sent a copy of the statement and photos of the prayers to Caravan Daily.

He also demanded action against the organizers of the event and administrative officers.

Chidren at Shahi Jama Masjid in Ludhiana, Punjab praying for the recovery of those injured in Dussehra train tragedy in Amritsar.

Reports say that among those killed was Dalbir Singh, who minutes before had played the role of Ravana at the same event. He died while trying to save others as the train rammed into them.

As the Ravana and other effigies went up in flames with the deafening noise of bursting fire crackers here Friday evening, the people standing on the live railway tracks did not realise that a speeding train was approaching. And about 60 unfortunate revellers were mowed down and more than 72 were injured, some of them are in serious condition, according to reports.

Over 700 people were watching the huge Ravana effigy going up in flames at the Jora Phatak near Dhobi Ghat within Amritsar city when the Jalandhar-Amritsar DMU passenger train coming to Amritsar from Hoshiarpur came hurtling down around 7 p.m. It took just about 10-15 seconds for the train to pass — and leave behind a heap of crushed and dismembered bodies, reports IANS.


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