America Has Learnt No Lessons from 9/11

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Terrorist organisations are still not being monitored the way it should be as RSS followers continue to infiltrate US power centres including Republican and Democratic parties

Dr. Shaik Ubaid | Clarion India

TODAY, 19 years ago, my country was attacked by a bunch of religious extremists. I worked as a physician not far away from the World Trade Center, at the New York Presbyterian Hospital of Cornell University. I will never forget that day. I will never forget the fact that these terrorists had infiltrated my country using its generous visa policies.

Today fortunately Al-Qaeda terrorist organization is not only being fought, mostly by Muslims, but is also being heavily monitored to make sure that it does not infiltrate the US again. Unfortunately though, the largest terrorist organization in the world, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of India which was launched after its founders met with Mussolini and which later took Hitler as its role model, has been freely infiltrating not only the US but its power centres too.

Some may be aware of the infiltration by the RSS followers in the Republican Party but only a few are aware of its infiltration of the Democratic Party. Tens of thousands of its followers come to the US every year through the H1B and F1 student visas.

Jewish terrorists of Kach and Kahane Chai and Buddhist terrorists of Ma Bha Tha of Myanmar too are not being closely monitored. The white supremacist Christian terrorists supporters from Europe regularly speak in the US.

But no group has so successfully infiltrated the US as the RSS followers who follow the Hindu supremacy ideology called Hindutva.

Hate is on the rise in the world including the US. In a democracy such as the US, the elections provide us an opportunity to kick out fascists and religious extremists.

Colonialists and religious extremists have used cunning and deception to make inroads and hurt the victim communities and countries from inside.

One such group with an international network whose hands are dripping with Muslim and Christian blood is RSS. Their American fronts are HSS, OFBJP and VHPA. Hindu American Foundation, the HAF is accused of advocating for these groups

Their network of funders have been trying to defeat Muslim members of Congress such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and even Keith Ellison in the past.

Sri P. Kulkarni, a candidate for the House of Representatives of the Congress from Houston’s 22nd district, has been heavily funded by the HSS.

Ramesh Bhutada, the VP of the HSS, helped launch both of Sri Kulkarni’s Houston campaigns Bhutada and his group have funded the opponents of Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Ilhan Omar in Minnesota.

Dr Bharat Barai and Dr Mihir Mighani are other well know supporters of the BJP and RSS.

RSS has the track record of infiltrating the Muslim communities in the West by going to mosques and speaking in vague terms for justice and peace but will support and fund Hindutva groups supporting India’s mass murder of Muslims, egregious human rights violations including mass rapes in Kashmir, etc.

RSS-sponsored candidates will do their best not to condemn the RSS or HSS.

Kulkarni has refused to condemn HSS and the Bhutada network even though asking him to do so is natural and ethical because he is on.record accepting donations from Bhutada.

RSS has handpicked Kulkarni to become the powerful chairman of the foreign affairs committee so that the BJP can have a free reign to oppress Kashmiri Muslims.

RSS admires Nazism and almost worships Hitler. It is the Hindu ISIS. HSS not only tries to disempower US Muslims by defeating our members of Congress but also wants to cut our roots by promoting Islamophobia in the American school text books.

Voting for Kulkarni will be suicidal for Muslims, Christians, Dalits and Sikhs. By defeating Kulkarni, we will give a clear message to the Democratic Party that it cannot take Muslim vote for granted and should not support RSS candidates such as Kulkarni and should not hire RSS campaign managers such as Amit Jani and Sonal Shah.

Republican Party winning one seat will not affect the Democratic majority in the Congress. Defeating Kulkarni is a must and is a win-win situation for the American Muslims with no downside.

Similarly, other RSS-supported politicians such as Congressman Raja Krishnamurthy of the Chicago area and Padma Kuppa in Michigan, both Democrats, must also be defeated. Republican Party has even more Islamophobic Hindutva candidates running in Virginia, Arizona, Illinois and New Jersey. They are long shots but must still be defeated with huge margins.


The author is a leading rights activist based in New York. He is also Coordinator, Non-partisan Indo-American Group Against Hate (NIGAH). The views expressed in this article are his personal.


  1. You have really glamorized Hindutva!! Poorly thought out, very biased, with little or no real life experience, but heavy villifying of a community seems to be your strategy.
    As long as people villify and throw hate of this kind, the world has no reason to find common ground.

    Good Luck bringing peace to this ✨

  2. To even compare RSS with Islamic terrorism is laughable, RSS teaches how to be a valuable part of the community and serve it, not take lives of millions of innocents for a single fanatic idea. RSS did not kill anyone or declare war on countries like the taliban, ISIS, Mujahedeen, bokoharam or hundreds of such organizations. RSS teaches one to love their country… which ever they may be living in as that is the dharma. Learn about it before writing any nonsense.

  3. You are a fundamentalist provoking hate in US. Pl get your facts straight before emotions. Kashmir is more peaceful than it was ever before. Economy is booming. ISIS terrorists are disappearing. Pakistani agents are moving on. Let us live in peace in Kashmir. Stop your hate towards India and secularism. Stop dividing the country. We are strong enough to live together without your fascist support.

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