Amazon Stops Sales of Gujarat Files’ Hindi Edition Without Assigning Reason

Journalist Rana Ayyub’s book Gujarat Files-Anatomy of a Cover-Up has brought the Gujarat riots back into the public consciousness.– Photo: Kindlemag

The Amazon did not stop sale of English, Marathi and Urdu edition of the book. Distributor believes that there can be political reason to stop the Hindi edition.

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – Online shopping web site Amazon India suddenly stopped the sale of well-known journalist Rana Ayyub’s Hindi edition of Gujarat files without offering any reason. They are not allowing to sell the book from its platform for the last three months.

Mazin Khan of the Pharos Media, a distributor of the book, told Caravan Daily that they have been trying to know the reason behind the sudden stop of selling the book from the amazon authority but it failed to provide any conclusive ground to make it stop.

“It has been 3 months since they are not allowing to sell the Hindi edition of the book. We don’t know what troubled them. When they stopped selling it, we asked what is the issue? They said they had been checking the process. When we asked what process is going on, they said they had to check many things – customer’s satisfaction and other things. We asked what actually the issue is? It has been three months but they did not provide any specific reason to stop it. They are also not saying that till what time they will stop it,” said Khan.

When Khan approached the Amazon authority, he got the reply on August 28 from Amazon Selling Partner Support saying that they “will not be able to provide any further information at this time,” adding that they are “currently not accepting applications to sell these items”.

In another reply, they said “the restrictions placed are temporary and will be lifted after a certain period of time and we cannot provide an estimate time period as these issues are being handled and decided by an external team”.

However, the Amazon is allowing to sell a parody of the book named “Gujarat Files Parody” written by Dr. Kana Gayyub. The description of the product says that the parody book is about “an unparalleled love story between Mr. Kanha Kumar” and Dr. Kana Gayyub. The distributor Khan is amazed that it is allowing to sell this parody book and not the real one. They put a stop to the sale of the Hindi edition after around 1000 copies was sold from the platform of the amazon itself.

On other hand, the Amazon did not stop the sale of English, Marathi and Urdu editions of the book. Khan believes that there can be political reason to stop the Hindi edition. Because, the Hindi has the largest readers in the country. And the Amazon would have done so on the complaint of right wing forces.

“I feel that the right wing element is dominating these big companies. These companies are giving them more value. These companies are fulfilling the foolish demands of the right wing forces,” Khan said.

“If big company like Amazon will kneel down to the right wing forces, then there is no option left. This book is not against any religion. It is book of current affairs. What is the reason to stop such book?,” exclaimed Mazin Khan.



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