Alleged BJP Man Caught in Burqa Carrying Pakistani Flag

Siddu Paragond, a BJP activist in Karnataka, allegedly in a burqa and in a poster.

Clarion India

NEW DELHI —  A video has surfaced on social media showing a group of people catching hold of a man clad in burqa (Muslim veil) after he allegedly hoisted a Pakistani flag in the Vijaypur district of southern Karnataka state. He was accused of attempting to impersonate as a Muslim woman.

The man has been identified as Siddu Paragond, said to be a BJP activist. People on social media accused him of playing mischief and creating unnecessary controversy.

The people who confronted and exposed Paragond contacted police to get him arrested. The police booked and sent him to custody and began an investigation.

According to press reports, the incident took place in Sindgi on June 11 outside a bank. “While people including women were standing in a queue outside the bank, the person in burqa was acting in a suspicious manner. The person was trying to get too close to women which was making them feel awkward.

“Getting suspicious, some locals tried to interact and their suspicion rose with the strange behaviour of the person. Suddenly some men took the person away from the bank and checked only to find that it was a man in burqa. The men thrashed him and handed him over to police,” The Hindu quoted sources as saying.

Superintendent of Police Anupam Agrawal also confirmed the incident and the arrest of Paragond. “We are trying to find out the motive for his act,” the SP said.

This was second incident reported this year when alleged BJP supporters were caught impersonating as Muslim to cause trouble.

February this year, during an anti-CAA sit-in at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, Gunja Kapoor, a pro-BJP social media activist, was caught clad in a burqa when she began arguing with protesters. They got suspicious of her and when confronted they found that she was impersonating as a Muslim woman. It seemed that she was attempting a sting operation to expose the “real intention” of the now suspended Shaheen Bagh sit-in.


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