Allahabad HC Directs ASI to Carry Out Scientific Survey of ‘Shivling’ in Gyanvapi Mosque


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PRAYAGRAJ — The Allahabad High Court on Friday directed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to carry out a ‘scientific survey’ of the ‘Shivling’ found from Gyanvapi mosque area to ascertain its age.

The court also directed the ASI to ensure that no damage is done to the structure during the survey.

With this verdict, the high court changed the decision of the District Judge of Varanasi, who had rejected the demand of the Hindu side for carbon dating of the ‘Shivling’.

A single bench of Justice Arvind Kumar Mishra was responding to a petition filed by the Hindu side, demanding carbon dating of the Shivling.

According to court’s order, the ASI will have to ascertain whether it is really ‘Shivling’ or something else.

In the matter, the Archaeological Survey of India had submitted its report on Thursday in a sealed cover.

The decision of the high court came on the petition filed for the demand of getting the scientific survey of the alleged ‘Shivling’ done through carbon dating.

The petition was filed on behalf of the women of the Hindu side challenging the order of the District Judge of Varanasi.


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