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Ajmer Dargah Diwan Condemns Udaipur Murder


JAIPUR – The Diwan of Ajmer Dargah, Syed Zainual Abedin Ali Khan has strongly condemned the Udaipur murder.

He said, “No religion encourages violence against humanity. We will not allow our country to fall into the Talibani culture. These people who are doing this kind of act are bringing disrepute to Islam. Religion is maligned and the country is also maligned which is wrong.”

“The accused have challenged the Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb of the country. No one has the right to spread violence and hatred in the name of Islam. Strictest punishment should be given to the accused. People making irresponsible statements on social media are harming the country.

“Some immoral minds brutally attacked a man, which is accepted as a punishable sin in the Islamic world. Thousands and lakhs of pilgrims visit Ajmer Garib Nawaz’s Dargah and Pushkar Brahmaji’s city Pushkar. Sanatan culture and harmony is the identity of our country. We can become Vishwa Guru by following these thoughts.”

Ajmer city Qazi Maulana Taunseef Ahmed Siddiqui also condemned the Udaipur incident. He said that the incident was sad and unbearable. The people of the country should cooperate in controlling their emotions and maintaining peace and tranquility. No religion teaches such violence. The people who carried out this incident have no religion. -IANS

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