Ahmedabad: Activist Alleges Misuse of Cemetery Land by Sarkhiz Roza Committee


Syed Rabbani Calls for Action Against Alleged Illicit Sale of Waqf Property, Urges Preservation of Muslim Community’s Future

Team Clarion

AHMEDABAD Social activist Syed Rabbani has done startling revelations regarding the Sarkhiz Roza Committee in Ahmedabad, about the misuse of cemetery land designated for the Muslim community’s use.

Rabbani emphasized that cemetery land, reserved for sacred purposes, cannot be treated as private property and must be safeguarded for the benefit of the Muslim community’s future generations.

He accused the Sarkhiz Roza Committee of attempting to sell off the land for personal gain, warning of potential backlash from the community, if such actions persist.

“Our demand is clear,” Rabbani said. “The individuals associated with the Sarkhiz Roza Committee, who continue to occupy Survey No. 22 despite court orders, must vacate the premises promptly. Any unauthorized constructions must be demolished, and the land levelled to restore its intended purpose as a cemetery.”

Rabbani also accused Abrar Ali Syed, serving as the committee’s president since 1995, of converting public and waqf trusts into private entities, appointing friends and relatives as trustees who mismanaged the lands for personal benefit. He urged for transparency and accountability, highlighting the committee’s failure to provide an account of its actions to the Muslim society.

“This exploitation of waqf land for personal gain must stop,” Rabbani declared. “Instead, the focus should be on utilizing these resources for the development and upliftment of the Muslim community as intended.”

The allegations put forth by Rabbani underscore the pressing need for oversight and adherence to the principles of trust and integrity in managing community assets, particularly those designated for religious purposes.

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