Agra Hospital Owner Held for Stopping Oxygen Supply to Patients as Part of ‘Survival Experiment’

The Paras Hospital was closed by authorities on Tuesday as the video went viral on the internet.

Authorities shut Paras Hospital, after Arinjay Jain’s confessional video goes viral

Team Clarion 

NEW DELHI — A shocking revelation has surfaced about the death of 22 patients at a private hospital in Agra on April 26.  Reports have said that the owner of the hospital has been caught on camera confessing that he got the oxygen supply to patients, including those suffering from Covid-19, stopped for five minutes as “an experiment to know who all are going to survive”.

According to Times of India, the health department has ordered a probe into the incident following the video leak. The Paras Hospital was closed by authorities on Tuesday as the video went viral on the internet, said NDTV. All the 55  patients admitted in the hospital have been shifted out.

“We were told that even the Chief Minister cannot get oxygen, so start discharging patients. Modi Nagar is dry. We started counseling families. Some were willing to listen but the others said they would not leave. I said ok let’s do a mock drill. We will find out who will die and who will survive. So we did that at 7 am. A mock drill was done. No one knows. Then we identified 22 patients. We realised they would die. This was done for 5 minutes. They started turning blue,” Arinjay Jain, the owner of Paras Hospital, can be heard saying in the 1.5-minute clip apparently recorded  on April 28.

The Chief Medical Officer of Agra district has said that they have taken cognizance of the video and formed a committee to probe the matter.

Jain, the hospital owner, has admitted to the TOI that it is him in the video but said that his statement has been “misconstrued”. “We had conducted a mock drill to identify critical patients and better serve them. Four Covid-19 patients died on April 26 and three on April 27.” Asked if a total of 22 had died due to lack of oxygen, he said he “did not have the exact numbers”.

Grandfather of Agra resident Mayank Chawla was among those who died in the hospital on April 26. Reacting to the video, Chawla called switching of Oxygen supply as “inhuman act” and “muder” and demanded strict action against the owner of the hospital.


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