Agra Girl, Whose ‘Kidnapping’ Forced a Muslim Man to Go Underground, Was Living With Her Friend in Delhi

Representative image of arrest of an accused.

The girl and her friend Divyanshu fled Agra draped in Pathani suit and Burka to appear Muslims.

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NEW DELHI — Police in Agra booked a Muslim man Mehtab Rana and arrested his wife and two sisters-in-law suspecting that they have kidnapped a 16-year-old girl belonging to a different community. A week later the investigations revealed the girl had gone to Delhi with a youth from her own community. His name is Dibyanshu and he hails from Gwalior.

On Tuesday Uttar Pradesh Police found the girl living at a rented accommodation in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar. Police booked Divyanshu and his friend Rinku on Kidnapping charges. The girl was reportedly in contact with Divyanshu for the past one year. During questioning by police, the girl has reportedly denied role of Mehtab Rana in the matter.

But what explains police action against Rana, father of six?

When the girl and Divyanshu decided to flee Agra, they draped dresses like Pathani suit and Burka to appear Muslims. This was a trick they played pre-empting police move; the police would scan the CCTV cameras in Agra.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police were quick to book Rana even as CCTV footage did not show his face. The police suspected Rana’s involvement on the basis of his previous records. They had booked and arrested him three years ago on charges of kidnapping and raping the same girl. He was released in 2019.

Rana reportedly had arrived in Agra in 2018 to work in a hotel where the girl’s father was also employed. He would also visit the girl’s home frequently.

But in the present matter it is unlikely that he had any role

The police have said that they will take further steps about Rana and his wife and sisters-in-law only after the girl records her statements before the magistrate.

“We will again review the CCTV footages in the light of the girl’s statement,” Assistant Superintendent of Police (Agra City) Botre Rohan Pramod was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

The police employed cell phone tracking technology to trace the girl in Delhi.


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