After Backlash, AMU Withdraws Order Seeking Profiling of J&K Students


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ALIGARH — After strong backlash from the students, the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has withdrawn the controversial order that demanded students from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) to furnish their complete details to the authorities in the respective faculties of the university.

The controller of examination (Admission Section) at AMU had asked for the details through the circular issued last month on the ground that the information was sought by the Aligarh police.

The circular, issued on December 27, instilled fear among J&K students as the collected information had to be provided to the Aligarh Superintendent of Police. 

The matter had generated a controversy after the Jammu and Kashmir Student Association called the move an “act of breach of privacy”.

After withdrawal of the circular on Wednesday evening, AMU officials avoided further discussion on the subject despite claiming earlier in the day that this was a routine exercise wherein the Aligarh police seeks information about total number of students, as well as those from Jammu and Kashmir and the northeastern states, and this is provided, reports IANS.

A letter dated December 27, 2022 was issued from the office of the controller of examination (Admission Section) to the deans of faculties, dean student welfare, chairperson of the department of studies in different faculties and principals seeking information about the total number of students in their faculties/centres (gender-wise) and the total number of Jammu and Kashmir students admitted with complete details for the 2022-2023 session in a set format.

“Please attend this on priority as the information is to be provided to the Superintendent of Police, Aligarh,” stated the letter marked “time bound/important”, issued by Faisal Waris, the assistant controller (Admissions).

The students had termed the circular a “breach of privacy”. The circular sought details such as the student’s name, father’s name, present and permanent address, class/course, and mobile numbers. 

The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association objected to the format of the circular and its content seeking information in detail about 1,400 Kashmiri students at Aligarh Muslim University.

Nasir Khuehami, the national convener of the Jammu and Kashmir Student Association (JKSA), a student body, condemned the issuance of such a circular and called it “discriminatory.”

He questioned why the circular was specifically issued for J&K students (who are reportedly 1400 in number) when there are thousands of students from different regions of the country enrolled at the university. 

However, after the withdrawal of the controversial order, Nasir Khehami, in a tweet, thanked the authorities of the university and said students should not feel worried now. (With agency inputs)


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