After Ayodhya, #MosquesofIndia Goes Viral on Twitter, Spotlights Historical Mosques

The Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad  gets its name because the bricks used to build the mosque were got from the holy city of Makkah, it is said. 

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NEW DELHI — On Thursday evening using the hashtag #Mosquesofindia many twitter handles shared pictures of the historical mosques, many of them depicting Indo-Islamic architecture.

The hashtag trended in the wake of the recent Supreme Court verdict on Babri Masjid title suit clearing way for the construction of a temple at the site where until 992 a grand Mughal era mosque stood.

The tweets featured photos of mosques spread across the length and breadth of India emphasizing that Islam and its symbols are very much part of the pluralistic ethos of India.

Here are some tweets:

The general reaction of Muslims in India to the verdict has been that of disappointment though they restrained from showing anger on streets. The Muslim leaders said that they honour the decision of the Supreme Court and appealed to the community to maintain calm. Several Muslim groups legally associated with the title suit held meetings on whether to go for the review petition.

Buoyed by a sense of victory, there are apprehensions that the right-wing organisations may launch campaigns laying claim over several other places of Muslim worship. However, for Muslims, the major takeaway from what has been called a one-sided judgment is that it underlines the importance of the 1991 Act on the protection of places of worship. 





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