Saffron activists sloganeering near the main gate of Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi on 08 May 2018.

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NEW DELHI: Even as the Aligarh Muslim University is still boiling over the attempt by members of Hindu Yuva Vahini to barge into the campus, around two dozen people allegedly belonging to a saffron outfit gathered at the main gate of Jamia Millia Islamia here in New Delhi on Tuesday and raised some communal and provocative slogans.

After a few minutes of sloganeering, the saffron activists returned. Eyewitnesses said they were raising highly communal and provocative slogans like, Jinnah premi bharat chhodo (Those who love Jinnah, must leave India), Hinduon ko darana band karo (Stop terrorizing Hindus) and Vande Mataram.

The university administration has termed the incident as “unfortunate”.

Confirming the incident, Saima Sayeed, PRO, Jamia Millia told Caravan Daily, “Though they did not enter the campus and remained on the road, this is still unfortunate. It is an important time for us because the exams have just started in the university. Such incident has never happened.”

One of the saffron activists who raised provocative slogans near the main gate of Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi on 08 May 2018

“We will soon sit and get to the heart of the matter. We just hope and pray that nobody disturbs the peaceful atmosphere of the campus, especially at a time when exams have just started,” she said.

Meanwhile, soon after the incident at Jamia Millia Islamia, hundreds of students came out protesting against the designs and hate agenda of the Hindutva groups.

Repeat of AMU

Last Wednesday (2nd May), a group of members of Hindu Yuva Vahini had tried to barge into the main campus of the historical Aligarh Muslim University, they scuffled with the security guards and also assaulted some students. The Hindutva activists raised provocative slogans ostensibly protesting over an old portrait of Pakistan founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah at the office of AMU Students Union.

The incident took place when former Vice President of India Mohammad Hamid Ansari was staying in the guest house of the university just meters from the clash point. He was there to attend an event of AMUSU, but due to the tense situation, the program was later cancelled.

In the evening, when hundreds of AMU students marched towards the local police station seeking arrest of the saffron activists, but the police resorted to lathi-charge which left several students wounded. Thousands of students have since been holding indefinite sit-in at the main gate of AMU seeking arrest of the culprits.




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