Afghan Nationals at Indian Defence Academies Allowed to Complete Their Training


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Govt to help them apply for visas anywhere in the world; 98 countries have offered to accept them as refugees

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NEW DELHI – All Afghan nationals who are training either at defence academies or pursuing specialised military courses in India will be allowed to complete their training. After completing their training programme, they will be allowed to apply for refugee status anywhere in the world, says a report in The Indian Express quoting sources at the security establishment.

There are 98 countries that have announced that they will accept Afghan refugees, according to the report.

Though India is not among the nations that issued a joint statement on August 29, announcing they will continue to accept Afghan nationals even as the US-led evacuation mission came to an end on August 30, the sources said the Indian government will “keep supporting financially” all those Afghans who are already part of the defence institutes or training academies, as has been the practice with Afghan candidates.

The government is encouraging them to complete their courses, including civilian qualifications, which can help them wherever they choose to apply for refuge. The sources, according to news report, said there will be no impact on their training and their courses till they complete it.

Once they complete their courses, India will even assist them to apply for visas to the nations willing to accept them, the sources said.

India has regularly hosted around 80 to 100 Afghan nationals at the NDA, IMA and OTA, and they often were among the largest group of foreign nationals that undergo pre-commissioning training at these academies.

Currently, there are around 120 Afghan nationals pursuing training in defence academies in India. Of those, around 80 Afghans are enrolled with academies such as the National Defence Academy (NDA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), Officers Training Academy (OTA). Remaining Afghans are pursuing other specialised military courses, writes Express quoting sources in the security establishment

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