Activists, Opposition Leaders Slam Modi for Disavowing Anti-Muslim Remarks


Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of Congress’s communication department, described Modi as a ‘pathological liar’

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi iterated that he has never indulged in Hindu versus Muslim politics, he has drawn severe criticism from opposition leaders and social activists.

During an interview in Varanasi, as he filed his nomination papers on Tuesday for the Lok Sabha elections, Modi defended himself against criticism that he was stoking divisions between Hindus and Muslims. When specifically quizzed about his controversial remarks made in Rajasthan’s Banswara calling Muslims “infiltrators”, and “those who have many children” the prime minister expressed his surprise at the association of his statements with Muslims.

“I am shocked. Who told you that whenever one talks of people with more children, the inference is they are Muslims? Why are you so unjust towards Muslims? This is the situation in poor families too. Where there is poverty, there are more children, irrespective of their social circle. I didn’t mention either Hindu or Muslim. I have said that one should have as many children as you can take care of. Don’t let a situation arise where the government has to take care of your children,” Modi said on Tuesday.

He also claimed that he never indulged in the politics of Hindus versus Muslims and he would not be able to be qualified to be in public life if he did so.

The prime minister’s disavowal has come under fire with several leaders and activists recalling Modi’s recent statements targeting the community during election rallies.

Speaking to Clarion India, rights activist and Delhi University Professor Apoorvanand, said the prime minister should resign from public life immediately as per his own statement. He is backed by his supporters due to his Hindu-Muslim politics and the day he leaves this politics, he will be deserted by his supporters, he said.

The professor said from 2002 till date, Modi has done nothing but Hindu-Muslim politics. His entire political career is based on anti-Muslim hatred. Whom he wants to deceive by this denial, he asked.

The professor said it is an old modus operandi of Narendra Modi and people from the RSS background. They always make two statements about the same thing. One is meant for their constituency. This statement is not withdrawn and remains in the public but twisted. Another statement is made for the sections who are not communal like them such as corporate and media. The latest statement about Muslims was meant for this section of his supporters, said Apoorvanand.

“Different statements are made to diffuse the outrage and confuse people,” he said.

Responding to the prime minister’s denial about his Hindu-Muslim politics, Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of Congress’s communication department, described Modi as a “pathological liar.”

“The nation knows very well that the outgoing PM is a pathological liar. But even by his own pathetic standards, Mr. Modi’s latest claim that he does not do Hindu-Muslim politics shows the new depths he reaches daily in lying. Since April 19th 2024, it is a matter of public record that cannot be erased from our collective memory – even if Mr. Modi erases it from his own – that the outgoing PM has blatantly and brazenly used communal language, symbols, and allusions. We have brought this to the attention of the Election Commission of India as well. Action should have been taken, but sadly it has not,” said Ramesh in a statement.

He asserted that throughout this campaign, Modi has had no agenda barring Hindu-Muslim politics. His party’s manifesto, an incoherent jumble of words amidst an array of his own photos, has found zero traction.

“Modi ki Guarantee, promoted at tremendous cost to the public exchequer for the last few months, has fallen flat. 400 Paar has been given a silent burial. His last, desperate attempt at having a campaign has been to lie and spread untruths about the Congress Party’s and the INDIA janbandhan’s agenda for equitable growth for each and every Indian citizen,” he said.

Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi also criticised Modi calling him a “victim of short-term memory loss”. She said: “The entire politics of Narendra Modi from 2002 till date was about Hindu-Muslim divide. Whether it’s his past statement about ‘Shamsan and Qabristan or other political agenda, it’s about Hindu-Muslim divide,” she said.

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