Acted in Good Faith in Composing Music for Film on Prophet: AR Rahman

A still from Majid Majidi's movie, Muhammad, which the director says is the first of a trilogy that retells the story of the evolution of Islam. The 171-minute long film took seven years to make and is directed by acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.  Image credit: Erfan Kouchari/
A still from Majid Majidi’s film, Muhammad, The Messenger of God (pbuh) for which A R Rahman has scored the music . Image credit: Erfan Kouchari/

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CHENNAI — Breaking his silence on the controversial fatwa issued against him by the Raza Academy for scoring music for the film “Muhammad (PBUH) Messenger of God”, Indian music maestro A R Rahman has clarified that his decision to score music for the film was made in good faith and with no intention of causing offense.

In a statement, that reflected his predicament as well as clearing the air, the Oscar award winner, said, “I am not a scholar of Islam. I follow the middle path and am part traditionalist and part rationalist. I live in the western and eastern worlds and try to love all people for what they are, without judging them,” according to New Indian Express.


Rahman observed, “Today, there is a blur between the real world and the virtual world, and I have been taken aback to see that for some years now, unethical, unaccapetable and unkind remarks are made online concerning the Holy Prophet.These abhorrent comments are no doubt due to a lack of understanding. I have always felt that we must counter this reaction with love and kindness and through the audio-visual media, reach out to people who wish to broaden their understanding. We are indeed fortunate and blessed to live in a country like India where religious freedom is practiced and where the aim of all communities is to live in peace and harmony sans confusion and violence.”Urging all to set a precedent in clearing conflict with grace and dignity and not trigger violence in words or actions, the world renowned composer signed off his statement with the request, “Let us pray for forgiveness and from our hearts bless those who suffered in the world and bless the country we live in. To so pray is to reflect the noble and enlightened nature of our beloved Muhammad (pbuh).”

The letter music maestro A R Rahman posted on his Facebook page.
The letter music maestro A R Rahman posted on his Facebook page.




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