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Abu Dhabi Gets Tough on Irresponsible Drivers

Those driving on the hard shoulder are promised tough fines as well as imprisonment


ABU DHABI — The Directorate of Traffic and Patrols at Abu Dhabi Police has announced a punishment of up to a month in prison, as well as 10 black points and a Dh600 fine for drivers who overtake others through the hard shoulder, Gulf News reported.

“The penalty is in line with the Federal Traffic Law, which covers the UAE as a whole and not just Abu Dhabi. Drivers who overtake others through the hard shoulder represent a danger to everyone else on the road because sometimes they come in the way of ambulances or police cars,” Brigadier Hussain Ahmad Al Harthi, head of the directorate, told Gulf News.

Al Harthi stated that the hard shoulder of the road is meant to be used only in case of emergencies by ambulances and police cars, in order to save people’s lives and provide immediate care.

He added that the directorate has been monitoring roads more closely to catch those who drive on the hard shoulder. The efforts are in line with a campaign to raise awareness on safe driving, and the dangers of driving on the hard shoulder.

 In the past four months, Abu Dhabi Police patrols have issued around 4,930 fines to drivers who overtook others through the hard shoulder.

Abu Dhabi Police warned that other drivers who commit the same offence can be caught through radars, and cameras on the roads.

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