A Unique Calendar to Celebrate 1,000 Years of Muslim Contribution to India and Beyond



The Hyderabad-based Mesco celebrates thousands years of Muslim contribution to India and South Asia with its unique and visually captivating calendar 

TAHMINA LASKAR | Caravan Daily

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n an era and time when the Muslim identity is mired in controversies and all negative connotations, the Hyderabad-based Mesco (Muslim Educational Social and Cultural Organization) brings in a glimmer of hope and euphoria to the Muslim Identity.

This year it came up with a unique idea, a calendar celebrating Muslim presence in India and showcasing the community’s phenomenal contribution to the subcontinent and its culture. A visual medium to put across a powerful message that is self-evident and needed no further explanation.

Jawad Haqani, the Creative Head of Momentum Advertising Pvt. Ltd, who has been the brain behind the initiative says, “I thought of the idea because I wanted to convey a positive message apart from showcasing the contributions of MESCO over a period of 32 years for humanity in general and Muslims in particular”.

“Pictorial representation is an effective tool to get our message through” he adds as an afterthought.

“So we concentrated on things those are obvious and visible all around us the areas identified were well researched upon and historians were even consulted so that facts could be authenticated.  The entire focus was on the fact that it is a visual treat with no repetition,” Haqani told Caravan Daily.

The focus of the calendar was on 12 identified areas where Muslims contributed and enriched the Indian and South Asian culture. The areas of contribution include dress, cuisine, art, architecture, language, music, governance, science and technology among others.

It is to be noted that the Muslims communities that migrated to the subcontinent assimilated with the Indian society with mutual exchange of traditions and created a syncretic civilization. The idea was to reiterate that it was not “thousand years of Muslim rule”, but “thousand years of Muslim contribution” making India the richest and prosperous nation. Which is evident in the fact that before the British came to put an end to the Muslim rule in India, the country’s share of world economy was a staggering 23%.

“However without getting into complicated details the well-researched and attractive initiative concentrated on things that are obvious and visible all around us so that it touches a chord with the common man and the message has a wide outreach,” said Haqani.

The highlight of the calendar is that it sheds light on the contributions and not from a typical historian’s perspective of the Muslim rule. The calendar is one of the ways by which MESCO reaches out to people and organizations creating awareness of its efforts in community building. And simultaneously puts forth the historical facts of Muslim contribution through this medium.

The calendar along with its core idea of making known the contributions of the Muslim community also lists down the various areas of service the organization is involved in including its numerous educational institutions and activities related to healthcare.

Over the last 32 years, Mesco has ceaselessly worked towards the empowerment and development of Muslims in particular and other downtrodden groups in general. Mesco was initiated in 1983 by a group of visionary doctors from Andhra Pradesh as a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based out of Hyderabad. Manifesting the best in human beings and rendering selfless service to the needy encapsulates the functionality of the organization.

The forward thinking organization it is, Mesco believes that vibrant, ambitious and positive individual communities are the key to a healthy universe and the organization’s core objective is to facilitate the creation of ideal communities.

Mesco is also committed to grooming individuals capable of influencing societies and shaping them into self sufficient groups touching the lives of the needy. The larger perspective of Mesco is all about nurturing Islamic societies into responsive and responsible bodies enriching the intricate social responsibility fabric of the world and the calendar initiative very well reiterates the objective when it highlights the aspects of Muslim culture that has been exclusively introduced to Indian culture.

In a time when it is a constant struggle to strive for peace and harmony, Mesco is indeed showing the way forward with its creative thinking and initiatives such as this to spread positivity all around. The gift of positivity wrapped in creativity is what Mesco offers and is no doubt a laudable step and way forward. Those wishing to know more about Mesco can visit www.mescoeducation.com




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