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A Sample of Hate Speeches Against Muslims: Taste the Flavour of New India

The Supreme Court has recently issued directions against hate speech and it remains to be seen whether Kajal Singhla’s speech comes under that category.

Syed Ali Mujtaba

Kajal Singhala, also known as Kajal Hindustani, a resident of Gujarat who calls herself a Hindutva activist, delivered a hate speech against Muslims recently at Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai. She was called to do so by the Hindu Janakrosh Morcha of Maharashtra.

Kajal Singhala said there were three main reasons for Islamisation in India i) Love Jihad ii) Illegal Muslim encroachments and iii) Religious conversions.

She said the economic boycott is the only treatment against the current Islamisation: “Iss Suleimani kide ke liye ek ram baan ilaaj bhi hai [for this (Islamic) parasite, there is also a (Hindu) treatment]”. And that is the economic boycott of the Muslims.

She identified a few areas where she claimed all vegetable and fruit vendors were Jihadi. “My Hindu sisters, to save 10 rupees, buy vegetables and fruit from Jihadis but do you know what they do? They inject them with medicines to make men impotent. When they see some newlywed couple entering their restaurant, they mix this medicine in their food. In your family, there must be one couple who cannot have children for 4-5 years despite trying. This has happened only in the last 5 years…they are conspiring to destroy your generation.”

“Love Jihad, Land Jihad, and religious conversions are all connected to terrorism,” she said and added there are 1 lakh cases of Love Jihad in Maharashtra. Further, referring to the “ill-effects” of social media platforms, Facebook, and Instagram, she said Muslim boys upload videos with filters and impress Hindu girls. They ride bikes and cars borrowed from their mechanic friends and entrap Hindu girls.”

“Your daughter is a clean slate and if you don’t write ‘Jai Shree Ram’ on it now, Muslims will come and write ‘Allah-o-Akbar,’” she said.

She alleged; “Bollywood is the main conspirator behind Love Jihad.” She referred to the movie Atrangi Re where the lead female character says that hers is a true love story as she fell in love with a boy from another religion (a Muslim). She said that Hindu girls get inspired by movies like this one. She even criticised the movie Kedarnath where a Brahmin girl falls in love with a Muslim porter.

“Give your daughter proper sanskars so that even if Bollywood’s King Khan falls on her feet, she should kick him and say, ‘Bhaag Jihadi’ (get lost you Jihadi). Empower your daughter, hand her a sword.”

She claimed that Hindu girls are pushed into substance abuse and pushed into prostitution and even Hindu boys are made to consume drugs. Then she appealed to “Hindu women to at least give birth to two children, while comparing with Muslim women, saying they have 18 children.”

“Look at their sisters, wearing their burqas, they made Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. They moved because of Covid-19 not because of the government. Their women can sit for six months but our women won’t be able to sit even for six hours, they can’t even bear two children. All laws are made for women but we are not able to take advantage of them but Jihadis are misusing them.”

Then she painted a scenario of how “Hindus are in danger.” She said imagine you are at home with your wife and one child and now imagine Abdul and his four wives and 18 children come to your home and try to throw you out. Will you be able to do anything? You cannot even kill a cockroach and they are openly doing ‘sar tan se juda,’ (referring to a partial part of the slogan attributed to terror outfits that state that disrespecting the Prophet could lead to death penalty)

Then Kajal Singhala starts talking about Land Jihad. “They say, ‘Ladh ke lia Pakistan, huns k lia Hindustan (We fought and took Pakistan and with a smile took Hindustan). They want to make India into an Islamic nation by 2047.”

“Here in this area near Kankia police grounds, is an illegal dargah and it stands on government land.  If you are truly  strong women, come out of your home and threaten them.” “The Nagar Palika (Municipal Corporation) does not have the guts to take down an illegal dargah”, she said.

Then she talked about religious conversions: “In the north of Mira Bhayandar, the coastal area, religious conversion is taking place openly. From here Chadarwala (referring to Muslims) and from the other end, Fatherwala (referring to Christians) are attacking us and we Hindus are pushing for brotherhood.”

“From Hind Mahasagar to the Himalayas and from Afghanistan to Indonesia, there were Hindus everywhere. Now in 200 districts and nine states now Hindus are a minority.”

“My innocent brother, if your religion is safe, only then the country will be safe. This is a war for religion. You ran away from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kabul, Karachi, Lahore, and even Kashmir. Decide when you will run and to where. Till when you will walk along the shore, you will have to get on the battlefield. Running away is not the solution.”

“Non-violence is a delusion. It is a trap by our enemies. Listen to me; this is the era of Hindus. If non-violence was God’s way, why would Krishna write the Bhagavad Gita,” this was part of a poem she recited; “the battlefield asks for sacrifice and you have gone home instead”. In this discourse around non-violence, Hindus have become so impotent that in their own country they have become refugees”

She also claimed that Muslims pelt stones at every rath yatra, at Ram Navami processions, Navratri, and Ram Janmabhoomi yatras. “Over a small comment by Nupur Sharma, they killed Umesh Kale in Amravati, Kanhaiya Kumar in Rajasthan, Kishan in Gujarat, Pravin Tambe in Karnataka and they raise slogans ‘Gustaakh e Rasool ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda’.  Do you want to support these people who are killing us?”

After her speech, Kajal Singhala then administered an oath to the gathered crowd of over 1,500 people to listen to her, “I, resident of Maharashtra and descendant of Shivaji, swear on Tulja Bhawani that we will economically boycott Jihadis, we will only give business to Hindus only, we will employ only Hindus”.

The Supreme Court has recently issued directions against hate speech and it remains to be seen whether Kajal Singhla’s speech comes under that category.


Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

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