A Complete Healer With a Difference



By Jaideep Sarin 

He studied medicine in Delhi and Moscow. A chance encounter in the 1970s in Moscow with the head of a leading Indian sect, who suggested he look at alternative medicine and naturopathy, made him take to alternative healthcare techniques. Today, London-based Mosaraf Ali is not only popular with his techniques of integrated health but is treating influential people and celebrities worldwide.

Born in Kolkata, the doctor is not only a Royal Physician in Britain but is also associated with the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, in propagating the benefits of integrated medicine. Ali has also treated Hollywood celebrities, members of royal families of various countries and even heads of state.

“Though I am a qualified doctor, my area of interest is alternative medicine, naturopathy and integrated treatment. I have treated thousands of people through this,” Ali, who is currently treating a group of foreigners at the Carnoustie Spa and Resort near Kerala’s Alappuzha town, 40 km from Kochi city, said in an interview.

With his years of experience in developing his own techniques and methods of treatment, Ali has earned himself the title of ‘Cure-All Doctor’. He says that the patients that he has treated over the years are “immensely satisfied” with his “art”.

“Dr. Ali has done us a great favor in pointing out the way forward during the coming centuries and I hope his books will help to revolutionize many people’s lives and reintegrate mind, body and the spirit,” Prince Charles wrote in the foreword of Ali’s book, ‘The Integrated Health Bible’.

“I am wholly convinced that his approach has the power to really make an immense difference to many people’s lives and to our society as a whole,” Prince Charles added.

“I was invited for an event in 1992 in London and Prince Charles and I made eye contact from a distance in a room with nearly 3,000 people. We immediately struck a chord and started talking of our areas of interest,” Ali recounted.

Ali says that his integrated treatment comprises massage by him and his team of therapists, natural medicine from organic products and some other techniques. “I don’t give allopathic medicine at all,” he said.
Celebrity testimonials vouch for Ali’s techniques.

“Dr Ali is the true magic man with the magic hands. I have seen the doctor work miracles! He has helped me and my family immensely,” Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, who has been his patient, said about Ali.

Former Gloucestershire mayor Harjit Gill, who was visiting the Carnoustie resort and underwent short treatment with Ali, told IANS: “His technique has worked wonders on me in 4-5 days. My chronic back problem seems all gone and I am feeling healthier overall.”

Ali says that he practices integrated techniques for weight loss as also treating problems like backache, eczema, flu, digestion, rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries “safely and effectively in the shortest possible time”.

He claims that he helped British model Kate Moss emerge from drug addiction and has helped other celebrities like business tycoon Richard Branson, actors Michael Douglas and Michael Caine, former World No.1 golfer Ernie Els, model Claudia Scheffer, and tennis maestro Boris Becker.

Having authored eight books on healthcare, Ali also contributes health columns and articles to leading publications.

“I was influenced by alternative medicine from my childhood days in Calcutta and boarding school in Asansol. I was impressed by my maternal grandfather who used to practice homeopathy. In the 1970s, when I was studying medicine in Moscow, I happened to meet Baba Charan Das of Radha Soami Dera-Beas through the then Indian ambassador to Russia, Inder Kumar Gujral (who became the Indian prime minister in the mid-1990s). He told me to study alternative techniques and even sent me books on Ayurveda and naturopathy. I took to this field much later,” Ali said.

Ali’s quest for learning the art of medicine took him to remote parts of India. “I learnt about traditional healing techniques and herbs used by tribals to treat common ailments. I used my medical knowledge to understand these methods and use these in my practice,” he said, explaining his foray into the field of integrated medicine.


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